Snakes (ophidian)

Species of Snakes

They are reptiles of Cylindrical body and extended, without extremities.
They displace themselves reptando with movements ondulatorios of their Musculoso body.
They have the skin covered with escamas that they move periodically.
Eyes with párpados transparent soldiers. Not they possess tímpano.
The mouth is very dilatable and permits them to swallow its prey Entire. The tongue is bífida and mobile, that they utilize like organ Sensorial of the smell and touch.
Its skeleton has many vértebras: the víboras they have 200 and the pitones, 400.
Some they have hollow teeth with the ones that can inject Poison.
Some 2.700 species exist.
The not poisonous families are: the snakes and the boas or Constrictoras.
The poisonous they are you collect them, viboras and marine snakes.

  • The boidos or snakes constrictoras, as well as the snakes or colúbridos Not they are poisonous (except the snake bastarda).
    The constrictoras they hunt al I spy and they kill their victims by estrangulamiento, being rolled up upon them with their Powerful rings.
    Among them the knownest are the boas, the pitones And the anaconda.
    Some of these they come 7 meters to reach of Length.
  • The hidrófidos Or marine snakes are very poisonous. They have the queue Aplanada, that serves them like organ natatorio.
    They live in the proximity of the coasts of the oceans I indicate and Peaceful.
    These snakes are vivíparas, that is to say that you raise them They are born already formed.
  • The vipéridos Or víboras they have poisonous teeth.
    The viperinos or víboras exactly said they are terrestrial snakes that live in the old one continent, among the ones that they are found the víbora áspid, the víbora European, the víbora cornuda, the víbora of Rusell, etc.
  • The crotalinos are almost all Americans and they have fosetas facial, that are sensitive organs al heat, with the That they locate their victims.
    They can be cited the snakes of cascabel, the mocasín, Etc.
  • The elápidos or you collect are poisonous snakes that are characterized by possessing to the two sides of the head a species of capucha that can extend to will upon odo when It is irritated.
    They live almost always in the proximities of the courses of Water and they inhabit in Africa and Asia.
    They are also elápidos the mamba black African and the snakes of coral that live in the continent American.

Species of Snakes



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