The Basilisco of double crest (Basiliscus plumifrons),  is the "pure   blood" Among the lizards. They are precious animals, espectaculares but   also Very nervous and wild. Not they are at all adequate for the   enthusiastic novel or the herpetoculturista that wants a mascota for "touching it   and Mimarla". They have seen many Aquatic Dragons mounted uponthe   arm of its master tranquilly, but would turn out to be very rare to see this in thecase   of A Basilisco. In few words: are animals to see but Not to touch.

They need a terrario as much as but large better with many plants and branches   that it They permit to maintain their intimacy. Their diet seems a great deal tothe   of the Physignathus but its character is diametrically opposite:a   Basilisco acorralado does not doubt in biting and since then they have strength in The mandíbulas.

If you have already some experience with other lizards and desire to enjoy observing to a really precious animal and Original, then I recommend you a Basilisco! As always It is recommendable that proceed ofraises   in captivity.


Geko Leopard 

The Geko Leopard (Eublepharis macularius) The saurio ideal for the principiante: very resistant regarding extreme temperatures, little exacting regarding its diet and above all, these gekos they are extremely docile to the few days If there is born. As its size does not exceed of the 15cm, you are able to lodge a couple in a terrario medium of 60 cmx40 cmx40 cm (Long x wide x high). The fact that they raise with facility you it permits to learn the basic techniques of reproduction of reptiles as well as to acquire the necessary experience for To take care of species but exacting.



The cucaracha Argentina an excellent food results for all kinds of saurios, fowls and mamíferos (tities) of all the sizes since is arranged of copies Since the 0,5 cm to but of 3 cm of length. Not they produce noises neither smells molestos neither they present any danger for the lizards since not they bite to the same as occurs for example with the grillos Black. Its slowness al to be displaced as well as its incapacity of surviving and to be reproduced to temperatures templadas does impossible that be converted in an it plagues if some copy obtains to escape, al contrary that occurs with the cucaracha domestic European.



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