Vitamins and Calcium

It is very important to give to the iguanas vitamin supplements and calcic, because the vegetables that are given, don't cover all the requirements of vitamins and calcium that they need and that them yes they find when they live in wild state. 
The pills that are given can be special for reptiles, they are quite expensive, or the common ones for human that are much cheaper; he/she should only be flattened well the pills and to dew them on the food. A vitamin dose should be given 2 times a week for the young iguanas (up to 2 years approximately) and once a week to the adults for not producing an an on vitamins. 
If to the iguanas they are not given the calcic supplement, these it could suffer metabolic illnesses as MBD, fibrous osteodystrophy, what will be explained with more detail in the section of the Illnesses. 
The vitamins sprays that sell in a pets shops, doesn't work well in the skin of the iguanas, since their skin not oleaginous liquid to absorbe; therefore, these they should not be used as vitamin suple. The vitamins in pills and in drops to be spread on the food that you/they sell in these places yes they work perfectly. 

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