Some 300 species exist of iguanas and other kinds with great variety of forms distributed in America, islands ecuatoriales and tropical, Madagascar, Fidji and Tonga. The great one iguana green of the Antillas measures 1 meter of length. The anolís changes of Color as the camaleón. There is iguanas of the islands Galapagos among the ones that counts him the iguana marine .


The encyclopedic definition of the Iguana is:

Iguana, common name of the largest copies of the family of the Iguanas. These reptiles they are you known by its impressive exhibitions and rituals of courtship and defense, in which they perform movements raising the body and agitating the head with vigor of Up to down. They live mainly in America and, out of the Alone, western hemisphere in Madagascar and Fiji. The lizards of the family of the iguanas they are similar to the lizards of Eurasia except by their teeth, solidamente united al interior edge of the Mandíbula and not in the external margin of the maxilar.  


The iguanas they reach around 1,8 m of length, they have the body crushed and a leathery row of thorns that goes since the neck to the queue, which, long and powerful, is used to being slightly Aplanada. The iguanas they have párpados, large tímpanos auditivos External and purses or double chins in the throat. They have five fingers in Each leg, that finish in sharp claws. Al contrary that the Greater part of the lizards, the iguanas they are vegetarianas. Their habitats they vary; some they are arborícolas, other aquatic and other Terrestrial.  

The iguana common or iguana green is abundant in all the America tropical and lives in the trees, frequently in which They grow together al water. The male one is of gray color with thorns of red color palido, franjas black in the sides and wide black bands that surround it the queue forming rings; The female is of brown color almost always. So much the meat as the eggs of this species very they are appreciated as Food. The iguana rinoceronte or cornuda, a species terrestrial that lives in Haiti and Puerto Rico, owes its name to The three horns that exhibits in the front. Two species live exclusivamenteen the islands Galapagos, one of them, the iguana marine, is the unico marine lizard that lives in the Beaches and dives in search of the algas of the ones that is fed. To times, al varano it is called, erroneamente, iguana.

Cientific Clasification : the iguanas they belong the family Iguanidos. The name cientifico of the iguana common is Iguana iguana, that of the iguana rinoceronte is Cyclura cornuta and that of the iguana marine Amblyrhynchus cristatus.

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