Anacondas, Pythons and Boas  (Constrictives)


Species of Snakes

The Anaconda  

The Anaconda is the greater snake of the world. Data not verified they do to arrive their length to the twenty-five meters; but the scientific they doubt that snakes of that size be able To exist really. The biggest part of the herpetólogos they agree that the most most long snake that exists in the world is the pitón real of Asia, and the one that it it follows in length is the anaconda or "great boa aquatic" Of America south. But all the herpetólogos they are also in agreement that the anaconda is a greater snake, therefore is more gross than its congénere Asian: six meters of Anaconda they weigh more than eight of pitón. Seven meters of Anaconda they weigh more or except the same thing that nine of pitón. Of any way, the anaconda it is more more long, larger and more heavy of the snakes of the New World, and is the monster Most supreme of the Amazonas.

The anaconda lives inside the water, what helps it to sobrellevar its enormous structure; but also passes a great deal of time in Ground and in the trees. Can remain under the water during long periods and, some times, sleeps curled in The fund of a river or a poza. As the cocodrilo, remains submerged in the water with only the head outside, until a Unwary animal comes to drink to the edge.


The anaconda adult lives on birds, deers, small mamíferos And cocodrilos. An anaconda is able with every facility to devour A caimán of two meters of long. This snake liquidates to its victims being curled around them and pressing the Rings until die. This method of constricción not suffocates the victim necessarily; more well, what It obtains is to break him the heart by compression. The snake it hears the beaten cardiaco of its prey and, when is rolled up around the body of this, coordinates its squeezes with the I pump of the heart of its victim, pressing each time more strong and stronger until the heart is weakened and the victim Dies. Then it to be­piente desarticula its mandíbulas and It devours. By means of this process the bone maxilar remains desarticulado, only maintained by an elastic girdle, and the snake can devour a piece of meat a great deal larger That the contour of its pescuezo. The muscular contractions digestive they are so powerful, that is able oírse how, inside Of the snake, they go being triturados the bones of their prey.

  The Digestive process can last an entire month. It ingerido by the animal forms a lump in its stomach, that destroys the Smoothness of its lines. Once it has eaten, retires to to sleep and rare time moves until digests what engulló and It returns to feel hunger.

The Anaconda is found very to flavor in the fund of the rivers. In Ground the anaconda is not as mobile as in the water. They elapse two minutes and medium before a snake of eight meters remove out of the water its hundred fifty kilograms and Drag them to the beach. And stas snakes, not they are poisonous and, al the same as all the ofidios, they are animal poiquilotermos, that is to say, that not they regulate their internal temperature; this is the main difference with the fowls and the mamíferos, that yes they can carry out this process and they are calls of "hot blood" By this reason, the anacondas they pass several hours al sun or to the shadow, of agreement to the temperature environment, to modify their Corporal temperature. In times templates or cold, Hibernate or they are found in state of lethargy.

The Constrictive Boa

The boa constrictora is not, far from it, as large as the anaconda, and in contrast with the anaconda, which is of a color Green desvaído and negruzco, the boa is a beautiful snake. With a size that oscillates among the three and the five meters of long, the boa is of color cinnamon, brown dark or black; the same colors of the trunks or of the branches of the trees by The ones that slides. The boa is, ordinarily, a snake Mansa, as opposedded to the irritable anaconda. Nevertheless, both they have a great deal in common: they are constrictoras and not poisonous; both they can be inside] water and they are good nadadoras (although the Boa prefers to remain in ground). The boa, as the anaconda, it possesses a ligamento elastic in the maxilares that permits it To devour greater animals that the diameter of its throat. Is able To live during months without being fed. Both snakes itself They worry that its children survive, after born.

  The boa is a nocturnal animal and is Qualified to hunt, in case of need, with light very tenue. Its eyes have pupilas similar to the of the cats and their lips possess detectores thermal that they help it to locate Animal of hot blood. The boa constrictora, the second in size of America, itself It domesticates with plenty of facility.  

The Esmerald Boa

The boa esmeralda arborícola (or boa green arborícola), is one of The most most beautiful inhabitants of the forest. Of red color al to be born, near the sixth month becomes green lit, with the Yellow womb, and thus follows being the remainder of its days. It passes all its life in the trees and can come to measure almost Three meters of long. It has the habit of being curled forming a ball or compact mass, and pleases it to rest hanging of a branch, leaving that hang the half of the body of each side, for To be maintained in equilibrium. The animal and vegetable food is abundant in the trees, by which the boa never is Hungry.


Species of Snakes


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