Main characteristics of the Cats


To the cats it identifies them to him for their nose. as your you have prints dactilares that only, the nose of the cat is its "print dactilar." 
The nose of the cat is very sensitive and he/she reacts to the tact, the temperature and the scents. In the event of challenging it, you should avoid to touch the vicinities of the nose, for not hurting him. 
The mustaches allow to the cat to obtain information of their immediate world. Also, they serve him as detecting of the air that combined with their sense of the olfaction they help him to identify any scent. The mustaches fall periodically and they grow again. Their disappearance affects the movement and sense of orientation of the animal. For that reason, it is important not to cut them. 
The cats are very clean dedicating good part from their existence to their toilet. This consists on a licked exhaustive of all the areas within reach of their language. Their rough papillas that are as small rigid thorns, work as a brush that you/they expel the polvillo and the germs that lodge in their hair. 
the cats love caresses especially in the loin and the mustaches. 
The cats sleep from sixteen to eighteen daily hours. But even sleeping, they are watchful to any stimulus. 
Every year gatuno represents approximately to six human years. The dear average of life of a cat is of fifteen years, that is to say that he/she lives as a man's 90 years. 
The balanced food guarantees the exact balance of nutrients that the cat needs. 
since the nutritious necessities of each cat vary in function of their organism, age, weight, race and physical activity, are important to feed them correctly to read the indications of the balanced food sincerely. 

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