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The cats, are animals of company, tranquil and playful. Should have a special care in its diet, and in its hygiene. Here they are found represented approximately 50 races different. 

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By pretty and perfect that can seem a gatito, the selection of a cat to should be base on something more than a simple one emotion. To be owner of a cat is a responsibility to long time limit. Before having a cat, is necessary to consider if It wants that be male, female, drinks or adult. Some times the cats castrados can be more afectuosos, while the gatitos they require a great deal of attention, these him they adapt better than an adult one al new home. The cats of long hair they need a great deal of time for the neatness; if you it carries a life occupied, perhaps to should elect one of hair Short.

Remember well Ústo: If by its job it so happens that the cat is going to be alone a great deal of time, possibly its form of life is not favorable to have an animal of company. A cat curious, and playful, is very attractive, but not himself decide precipitadamente.

To prepare the home

First It be assured that its house is insurance for the cat. It is undone of toxic plants as azaleas or rododendros. Hide the bucket of the trash, put a screen of protection in the cooks and facing the fires. It be assured that the cabinets they be closed and that any electric cable be out of its reach. Keep decorations, decorations, objects sharp and of crystal that they can break and to wound al cat. Place metallic fabric upon peceras and cradles of children to that be sure that the cat considers these beings as Part of the family.

The necessary articles

It will need indispensable things, including a bed for cats, a box for the trash and plates for the food and the water. There is many cat beds types that can be obtained, but is preferably that of poliuretano old backfill of blanket smooth that washes easily. The bed to should be placed in a hot place without air currents, far from the traffic Main of it family. Put the bowls of food and water near the bed and that the box for the trash be accessible. The first exits al exterior to should be supervised, if not, the cat would be able to be moved away and to be lost, or to be frightened and to escape.  

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Dictioterinary those terms "rare" that you can to listen in the Veterinary.