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 Cats races 

Abyssinian Of Singapore Tortoiseshell-White Long hair
Abyssinian Red Sphynyx Long Hair Colourpoint
American Curl European Short Hair Hair Long Chinchilla
American Short Hair Exotic Short Hair  Hair Long Chocolate-Tortoiseshell
American Hard Hair Scottish Fold Hair Long Smoke
Angora Oriental Havana Hair Long Lilac
Turkish Angora Korat Black Long Hair
Bengalí Malay Persian White
Japanese Bobtail striped Raccoon of Maine Persian Golden Somber
Briton Short Hair Egyptian Mau Ragdoll (Cloth Puppet)
Briton Bicolor Short Hair White Norwegian Rex
Briton Spotted Short Hair Norwegian of the Forest Blue Russian
Burmés Ocicat Sacred of Burma
Californian Brilliant Striped Blue Oriental Siamese
Carthusian (Chartreux) Oriental Short Hair Siberian
Colourpoint Short Hair

blue Long Hair

Cymric bicolor Long Hair Somalí
of Bali white Long Hair Tiffany
of Bombay hair Long Cameo Tonquinés
of Java hair long Tortoiseshell Turkish Van
of Man

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