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The cats are carnivorous, therefore when they eat up to their prey, they eat muscles, skin, bones and internal organs. As owner of a cat he/she would have to repeat that diet, what means to provide many proteins and fat. The toilet to owe it to be something to regulate in their relationship with their cat. He/she gives the owner the opportunity to examine in first plane the parasites, smaller wounds or other problems. 


To provide them an appropriate diet 
Most of the cats is raised scientifically with the foods for prepared cats that there is in the market and that they are conceived to satisfy the nutritious necessities. The canned foods are stored easily and they contain a lot of water. The water is essential for the feeding of the cat. The humid soft foods for cats also contain appropriate fluids, but, if it uses dry foods, make sure of providing abundance of additional water to drink, since the absence of fluid in these foods can cause bladder problems.


     doesn't only feed him of fish, since it can cause a deficiency of vitamins.

    doesn't only feed him of meat, since it produces deficiencies of calcium and vitamins.

   doesn't give to the clear cats of egg hang-over, it contains avidina that neutralizes to the biotina.

  doesn't give to the cats dog foods. The content of proteins is not the sufficiently high thing.


The cats of long hair move the whole year and as a result they require two daily arrangements from 15 to 30 minutes, otherwise the hair will get entangled. The cats of short hair don't need a daily arrangement because the coat is easier of managing. They are also more expert in their own toilet when having the longest language. Twice to the enough serious week.


The cats are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, dysfunctions and parasites, some of which can also affect the humans. Fleas, ticks, ploughmen, lice and worms are the main external parasites that are looked for during the toilet. Examine it with more frequency if their cat seems to be scratched a lot. He/she seeks advice to remove them regularly to avoid parasites internal invaders.  


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