Main characteristics of the Dogs


  The best age for it takes a puppy to house it is to the eight weeks of age, after the weaning and before he/she has gotten used to their birthplace.

  The dogs are sweet-toothed by nature and they eat until they come the empty plate, for that reason, it suits to fraction their food balanced in two daily portions.

  Each dog is only with longings and own necessities, for that reason with the help of a veterinarian you should identify the appropriate balanced food for your pet.

  thanks to the care that you/they provide the balanced diets, the dogs live between fifteen and twenty years.

  The young dogs need of a diet with high levels of proteins, fatty matters, vitamins and minerals to promote the development of bones and fabrics. As the dog ages, it diminishes his energy and the balanced food the he helps to prevent kidney illnesses, obesity and cardiovascular problems.

  The dogs have a great sensitive capacity. They are able to announce the arrival of a person or of a storm. This characteristic is due to that its it possesses muzzle infrared detectors that added to its smell capacity, they constitute a true radar.

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