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To root of the investigations carried out by Mascotamigos, we know that currently, they exist in the world, more than four hundred races caninas, recognized by different companies international, but it is believed that among races and sub-races not recognized officially, they can arrive at contabilizarse some Eight hundred.

In Mascotamigos you will find, more than two hundred forty races, the majority of them, recognized by the International Cinológical Foundation.

Our investigation continues, of course. And therefore, if some of ours visiting, it arranges of photographs of the races already represented, or of the ones that not they are it, we will be very grateful al to receive photos and descriptions, and thus to be able to form the bank of races caninas larger of the world, for that it can be consulted free for all the lovers of the best friend of the man.


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The races
Manias of Dog
Services ( Pensioneds, Baths, Training dogs, wolking dogs, Hairdressers, etc.)
Main characteristic of the dogs
Problems in the bucal sistem of the Dog  
Some counsels for the breeding of dogs
True or False? Beliefs generalized and absurd diffused by comments of neighboring, that “they know a great deal you're welcome”.
Which Is the most most adequate dog for each one of us?


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Dictioterinary Those terms "rare" that you can to listen in the veterinary.