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What is a Pet?

A pet is, or al less to should be it, a friend; a companion. It does not matter if is a matter of A dog, of a cat, of a spider, or of a rata. When decide that that animal is going to be our pet, they should compromise us to that not alone  we will enjoy to have it, but he also enjoyment with us. Not we forget in no moment that is a matter of a to be living, that feels and suffers. Of what is worth for example, to have a beautiful one iguana, if never it we lend attention neither we are attentive to its needs? For that, it would be a great deal better to go al zoológic and to see them in conditions a great deal more more favorable for its life, and al same time to save us the disturbs of have to clean its matter fecal, to take care of that not him make ill, and of course, that not food lack it, water, light and heat. 

To moment of thinking about to acquire a pet, if the person is an adult, he should accept that commitment, that, if we do with responsibility in the care, will last years (so many years as living our pet). If the person is not an adult, is responsibility of the greater, to explain this responsibility al boy, so that then not they arise sad situations, as dogs or cats, that al to be done adults are abandoned in the way public.and is more more complicated still when the animal they are of wild nature and is almost always impossible, to reproduce their natural habitat, so that these not suffer. But is VERY important to keep in mind that is so much or more more necessary, To give them love as giving them food. Therefore, Not you forget it. A pet is a friend. Your pet is your companion, and al same time your responsibility, since her life is in your Hands.









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