How to enter my data to the Club Mascotamigos?

 1) Chooses of the menu, the button "Your Preferences", and when you have entered to the respective schedule, it places the requested data. (you can invent yourself an alias).

 2) You don't forget to leave your email, or nobody will be been able to contact with you!!.

 3) So that your friends can identify you better, it would be ideal that insert your picture, which should keep previously in your computer by means of a scanner, (in format jpg. or gif.), and to send it (inserted) in to the body of the email. In matter, he/she writes your name of USER. Ésto can make it to the moment to fill your entrance record, or when you want later.

 4) Then it oppresses the button "to Keep Changes."

 5) In (approximately) 48 hours, your record will be part of the Club.

 6) All the data that you enter in your Personal record, are strictly confidential, and they will NEVER be used to send you publicity some.


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