Spaniel of Sussex


During certain popular time among the farmers, the Spaniels of Sussex has been known in that county of the south of England for two centuries. They were created by Mr. Fuller ot Kosenin, bussex, in 1775. It was exhibited for the first time in the glass palace, in London in 1862. Later a stock was developed a little bigger well-known as Harvieston. This owed something to the Clumber Spaniel and to the Bloodhound, and until in our days some Spaniels of Sussex has an air of Hounds. It has always been relatively strange and it is necessary to thank the British breeder Mrs.Freer to continue with the race through the two world wars. In the decade of the 50, he/she was added more blood of Clumber that gave a better skeleton and temperament as a result. The Sussex is used to hunt the partridge and the pheasant, but it is small for the hare. He/she works in places very towns, barking while he/she carries out their task so that the master knows where it is. 
Character and taken care   
It is a hard-working Spaniel with an excellent olfaction, what makes him ideal for the field. It spreads to depend on a single person, it is loyal and easy of training. He/she needs a daily arrangement with brush and comb and, like with all the Spaniel, it is necessary to be careful that is not incrusted mud in their feet and ears.

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