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Another Pet at home?

Things of Jealousy              

The pets they are very sensitive, and any change that happen in It marries can cause them discomfort. If a new onearrives integrante al home, surely the attention of you and of all the family will deviate toward The new one mascota, and the oldest one will feel some jealousy. Perhaps comience to do its needs where does not owe, bark At night or maúlle. Another reaction can be that break objects or arañe the doors. To avoid that our pet be put bothers or wistful, they follow these counsels.


How to present them  

There is that to seek the best way of presenting them, so that The first impression be good. If both (be dogs or cats) are cubs, not there they will be objections, already that the two pets will begin to enjoy play common and they will relate to facility. If the pet owner of house is adult, there is that To approach him al cub so that he see him and he smell him. In this manner, he will see that is a cub, and surely protection will offer it. A advice: they try that the demonstrations of affection they be smooth, because an scratch or a stamp It would be able to injure al smaller.


The “Territory”

The animal they take care of each corner of the house; therefore not It turns out to be easy them to share the space. Is important not to permit that the recently arrived invade the places own of the other pet, as can be the booth or the plate of food. If we note that some of the two eriza the hair or growls, there is that retarlo of this way we will do them To understand that not fights will be permitted. Since a principle, they same will establish their hierarchies, that are the normal forms of life in a flowed. The adult is who he marks the limits and the conducts to follow.



Manias And whims.

If it is carried al home a pet adult, one must have more precautions that myself enters a cub, and to be attentive to the fights. Many times, the mess is armed I propagate carries a cat to the can where already lives a dog. One must have care, above all, if that dog already showed conducts a hunter toward other felines and, on the contrary, if a dog is carried al place where inhabits a cat, is preferably to maintain them separated al except a week.


Of Dogs and Cats

As first measurement, they leave that the animals be smelled; but to bias of a door closed. Then, they retire al dog and they leave that among the cat to revise the place. Before to approach them, they have to repeat the maneuver during various days. They have care, also, that the cub not go running al encounter of the cat. The cat would be able to take it like an aggression, and a simple one arañazo it would complicate the good relations that are seeking.


Me It seems to have seen to a pretty one kitten!

When there is a cat in the house and we want to have another, is probable that be young or of another sex. Some times, the animal owner of house receives al recently arrived with gestures of displeasure. The habitual thing is that the cat more old itself aside, and, hidden or climbed in some sure place, observe al new ocupante. All depends of the space that you they arrange for the pets, but those small animals, but there of their you fight, they are ours large companions. If to have us more than one,they they will enjoy more than the life, they will be but active and they will suffer less by being alone. All is question of doing them a place.


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