The Mascot of the Month

(Voted during December)

The winner of the month was "Bumbury" with 9.814 votes.

Segunda "Dorothy" with 9.650 votes,

Third "Lucas" with 9.293 votes,

And they were also... VERY VOTED!!!

(The order of the pictures is alone for date of having received)



Mascot of Noemí






"Perla of the Sea"







"I lie"




"Heart with paws"

"It stains"




"Moon Ignacia"


Mascot of Raquel




Mascot of Vilches



Mascot of Isa




"It damages"




"Cross out"












and "Courtney"

To ALL Happiness and THANK YOU to participate

(They can make it again when they want)

Next month, the elected mascot, it can be yours, single debit sides to send their picture.
You can participate how many times you want.
Also, you can vote for the one that more you like it, of those that are proposed for this month.
And to see all the mascots that participated previously in Pictures of Mascots.