¿By what does the dog bury its bones and why gives always a return in round before being puied to bed?

From their wild origins, the dog has conserved a certain number of rituals in the deepest in his memory. Before falling asleep he takes the caution of digging in the floor to make sure that it doesn't hide any danger (scorpion, insects, snakes).

¿Why pleases so much to sleep to the feet of the bed of the owner or they worship to be installed in the sofá of the living? In general, they do it for the pleasure of being more more comfortable but, fundamentally, to maintain nearby one more contact with the owners of the house.

As soon as al habit of raising its leg and to send a jet of orina well directed as soon as tree is crossed for its road, more than a satisfaction is for him a way of marking its territory, of indicating to the other dogs that by there passed he.


Is also a vestigio of the past the behavior of the dog when buries a bone. Usual to hunt large prey, the wild dogs and the wolves were used to keeping part of the food in sure places; therefore do wells in the ground. Of there that when they receive a bone, after savoring it during a ralo, instinctively they do a well to hide their booty.


The habit that have many dogs of scratching vigorously the lawn with the forward legs after there to be defecado is not (as in the case of the cat) to cover the excrements but for "To reinforce" marks it of the territory. In effect, the track visual of the legs and the secreción of the glands sudoríparas situated among the fingers they are added al "perfume" already exhaled.



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