Al the same as in the diet canina, there are three types of food felina: Drought, semiseca and humid. During go us has believed that the humid one was the best option for the cat, therefore al to be tastier and to contain approximately- a 75% of water, results it a great deal more desirable. However, the tarrins and tin platings, once open, they have the counted hours and their content themselves deteriorates with facility; besides, the humid food predispone the apparition of tartar. On the other hand, the dry one contains among a 6 and 10% of water- not invalid so prompt and helps in the Fight against the plate bacterial. The semiseco (among 20 and 40% of water) barely markets himself because, once open the Container, the content also deteriorates with rapidity.


Be which be the chosen type of food (dry, medium-dry or humid), this it should accompany him during its first months of life, once destetado, clear is. On the other hand, if becomes accustomed it him al humid and then we want to give him dry, will be a task almost impossible, therefore once it tests a food no longer will want To take another. From there the great danger of offering him food housekeeper as chicken, turkey, fish, etc., since will be task of chinese to convince him so that test a humid food or drought. More worse still if they are offered it víscera, a very habitual practice that it can derive in serious problems of health and that such creates it dependence that will be practically impossible that take another type of food.


The cat is one of the most refined animals and sibaritas to the hour of eating, therefore never itself it will hide a grain of food if this has just to come out of the nevera or is too much hot. To satisfy him, its food should be to temperature environment. Neither very cold, neither very hot. And more it is worth to be forgot of the idea of buying a bowl of plastic, because the surest thing is that the felino does not sit down nothing to flavor eating of him. This it occurs because the plastic retains smells of food or soap, and this desagrada al cat because, in questions gastronómicas, will always reject any food that smell of rancio, be damaged or remove any suspicious fragrance. On the other hand, the troughs and bebederos of steel inoxidable or ceramics are adequate... and as much as less deep, better.


The species felina is not so bebedora of water as the canina, not because they hate the liquid element to death, but because are used to to satisfy their needs of hidratación through the food, above all if this is humid. Besides, is not used to it to please that the bebedero be placed near the place where it eats; prefers the current drops of water that fall of the faucet of the bath or the kitchen. But, in case of administering him a dry diet, there will be that to motivate him so that drink it. How? Placing to two or three meters of distance of the trough a bowl with water, also of steel or ceramics, as well as two or three more in other strategic places of the house. by supue sto, always renewed and fresh.


The diet of the feline is, eminently, carnivorous, and should be composed of a 45% of proteínas and among a 10 and 30% of Greases, in the case of adults. You raise they need them a 50% of proteínas and among a 17 and 35% of greases. For that reason being a tremendous error to administer a diet cani­na to a felino -¡something very frequently! -, therefore the food manufactured for dogs they contain many less proteínas of the ones that they require the mininos. Finally, it agrees to be assured that the product chosen it contains taurina, an aminoácido essential for the feline and that cannot synthesize its agency.


Al to betry a depredador -¡charms it to hunt! -, its agency is oriented to receive several foods al day and its appetite is used to to be capricious... pleases It to eat 8,  10, 14 and to 16 Times al day. Because of it, the ideal thing is, if itself opta by a diet drought, to leave him the ration to free disposition and that he eat when he come him in desire; besides, not he is used to having danger of sobrepeso, because for of eating when he is felt satisfied, something that not he happens with the dogs. What does quantity require al day? In principle, agrees to follow the indications of the manufacturer, but, as reference rule, a felino adult and in normal conditions owes ingerir near 60 Kcal. by each corporal kilogram of weight. Of course, this quantity varies in Phases of growth, gestation, illness, etc. A warning: the humid food cannot be left to free disposition, is damaged quickly.

Malt or other herbs

To it does little, the herb constituted an essential element in its nutrición, since al ingeriría helped to regurgitar the Balls of hair that swallowed al acicalarse. For that reason the cats of city they attack against the plants of house -¡care!, Some they are toxic- if not they have fresh herb by hand. In the stores specialized sell itself trays with semilleros of oats, cereals and other hard herbs of fibers that it they will serve as "digestive... " however, there is that to mention that these vómitos of herb and hair they finish irrítándole the stomach; therefore, nowadays pipes of paste they sell themselves of malta, that they substitute perfectly the function of the herb... instead of helping to expel the balls of hair by the mouth, they facilitate their traffic by the digestive apparatus to to come out with the sediments. Of course, the brushed newspaper of the cloak avoids both methods.


What commercial food agrees it? Not there is problem to the hour of to elect, therefore nowadays the security exists that the market of food for animals of company offers a dilated one ready of good and studied products. Currently there is a nutrido group of manufacturers specialized in diet felina that they market stable food and in various flavors: chicken, turkey, fish, lamb... they are used to being the base proteínica of their products, so much in dry version as humid. Royal Canin, Hill' s, Eukanuba, Zac, Viandas, Whiskas, Friskies, Purina... they are some of them you mark with more experience inside the sector feline.  



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