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When your mail program opens up (Outlook Express) and appear the window of New Mail, it places the cursor of the mouse (arrow) on the page in white and it oppresses the left button of the same one. Then in the superior part you will find the word: To insert, oppress it and then it oppresses Image and later to Examine. So, you see all the portfolios of your computer. Looks for until finding that in the one that kept the favorite picture of your mascot, and when you see the name of the file that you plan to send to You oppresses once with the cursor on the file, the Left button of the mouse. Then this will become blue. Now it oppresses (always with the cursor on the file) the right button (or secondary) of the mouse and you shooses Properties. You will read then: Type, Location, Size: (The Size should not be bigger to 40 Kb or 40.000 bytes) If it is bigger, you don't send it, if it is smaller, then it oppresses to Accept in that window, and he/she will close. You opresses to Open up in the one that is open and it oppresses to Accept in the window of Image. Now alone you will add a text with the name of your mascot, and some words on her. Then you can send us the message, pulsing here: Mascotamigos

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