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All the  Dogs  races, with its photos, history and description. 

Races of Dogs

Races of Dogs

Races of Dogs

The  Breeders  of all races, with direct connection to its Web sites, so that you can choose your puppy.

If your work is related to the pets, your work is related to us.

All the  Cats  races, with its  photos, history and description. 

Races of Cats

The  Breeders  of all races, with direct connection to its Web sites.
All the  Horses  races, with its photos, history and description. 

Races of Horses

And their  Breeders 
All  the Birds with its photos and  description. 

Varieties of Birds

And their  Breeders 
All the Fish with its photos and description. 

Varieties of Fish

And their  Breeders 

Presses here if you wish that this one, is your page of beginning

All   the Reptiles  with its photos description and. 

Varieties of Reptiles

And their  Breeders 
All   the Rodents  with its photos description and. 

Varieties of Rodents

And their  Breeders 
The exotic Pets pets, with its photos description and. 

Exotic Mascots

Exotic Mascots

Frogs, Scorpions, Spiders... and  their  Breeders 

 All  the Services  for your mascot: Pensioners, Hairdressing salons, Handlers

Paseadores , Trainers, Baths , Veterinary and  Canine Schools


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You want To adopt a dog or a kitten?  

Do you want to adopt?

They are waiting for for darte its love to you,
and they need yours! And if you have a pet

to that you cannot take care of, you can offer

 it in adoption in this one section.

Misled - Found

If you lost or you found a pet, you do not forget to publish it with its photography in the section Misplaced

You will find the Law of Protection Animal, and the Declaration 

Universal of the Rights of the Animals and the Associations
More important protectors in   Protective Associations

Are you looking for the love friend to your dear pet? Then, visit the section for

Pets Marriage

 Pets Marriage


Area Diversion

 Mascotamigos Club



 It sends a Postcard

 Voting Pets  Photos of Pets


MASCOTAMIGOS.COM awards to those Web sites that contribute their sand granite to spread the love to the nature, to the animals, and the ecology. If you think that your page is deserving of  the EcoPrize , or know some Web that you think that it deserves it, danos its direction and we will visit it.

Area Clients

If you are Client ours, or it wishes to be it, it will find all the information that needs in  the Area Clients.
Your opinion interests to us Opinions and Suggestions

The best Products and Articles of the recognized marks, for the comfort and taken care of your pet, you can see them in




In the Agility section and the ForoAgility, you will find everything what one talks about this one exciting activity.


You have a new pet and it is not happened to you like calling it? We offer to you more than 3000! names so that you choose the one that more you like, in



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Voting Pets


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