Cares Maternal and Postnatals

Lyou cats recently born they depend totally of the mother. The family owes to remain in the basket prepared for the I leave, situated in a hot place. One must throw a glance to them you raise occasionally, especially if the female is unskilled. As soon as be found well, the mother will do all that is needed. The female will need al less three times more than food of the normal thing.

The first food

To little of being born the mother conducts smoothly al cat toward a stalk and this begins to suck. The milk produced by the cat during the first days that they follow al I leave is called colostrum and is composed by nutritious and antibodies, that will protect to them you raise facing possible infections.


Once the kittens to should to suckle, the mother the will wash to all. The female licks them the humid of the anus to stimulate the waste products excretion. Will continue this operation until you raise them start to take solid food.


The kitten massage the body of the mother with its legs, stimulating thus the flow of milk. If it raises is shown it uneasy and whines, this is able to be symptom that the mother does not produce sufficient milk. If we suspect that it happens this, there will be that to consult to veterinary.

All under control

The mother watches carefully to the bait, and not he pleases him to be moved away of her too much often. If one of the kittens is separated of the remainder, she it It will return al group getting it for the nape. Not one must leave the children that they catch in arms to them you raise without our supervision. Agrees not to bother the mother more than it strictly necessary.

Breeding shared

If in the house there are two cats recently prolific, some of the kittens of the litter more more numerous can be servant by the other mother. One must pass the kittens to the adopted mother as soon as be possible.

Nursing Bottle

He is possible to raise to baby bottle to a camada of kittens orphans. It begins herself for feeding them each two hours and there is that to maintain them clean and sheltered. They can ask counsel al veterinary.

Equipment of diet

Nursing bottle, Dropper, Syringe. The equipment of diet should be sterilized and the milk following the Instructions of the veterinary. the cat will not note the presence of an or two mouths extra that to feed.

Adopted mothers

If the mother dies, he rejects to his litter or not he is able To produce milk, we will have to seek an adopted mother. A cat recently given birth with a small will accept one or two kittens orphans.



D urante the first weeks of life, the kittens they are practically helpless and they need a great deal of attention. The mother will cover all her needs until reach the three weeks, in which already they will begin to explore the alrededores and to be more Independent, you raise them to should go abandoning gradually the milk of the mother and to begin to test the solid food. Among the ten and the twelve weeks there would be that destetar completely to the kittens and to prepare them to separate them of its mother.

A day

A cat recently born depends completely of its mother. Their eyelids they remain closed and the ears are totally fold, for which is not able oir neither to see

Four weeks

It can begin to teach to the kittens to use the tray of depositions when comiencen to receive solid food. For it the tray in a tranquil point is situated and is placed in her to The cats after each food. Not there is what to punish to cat if itself it dirties accidentally.

A week

The gatitos they open the eyes approximately to the week of age. The litter still turns out to be very vulnerable and helpless without its mother, and you raise they sleep them packed to be felt insurances. The kittens they are stacked instinctively to be maintained hot

Three weeks

A pair of weeks later, the kittens they have already a complete mobility and they venture to explore. Now already they can begin to receive solid food.

Five weeks

So that the cat have good alimentary habits there is that to give him an extensive diversity of foods when still it is a raises. As alternative to the food enlatada special for kittens, they can give them meat stewed finely cuted or white fish crumbled.

Six weeks

The gatitos they learn to hunt being thrown upon a prey of toy. The turmoils among brothers of litter permits them to assume defensive and offensive papers.

Seven weeks

Controlling periodically the weight of the kittens, we will be able to watch its development, although they can have serious problems so that they be themselves quiet over a scale.

Nine weeks

Toward the eighth or ninth week there will be that to vaccinate to the kittens against the influenza and the enteritis infectious. A kitten not to should leave to it silence without to have been vaccinated.




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