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In this page we publish all the photographs that  ours visitors they send us of their pets.

If you desire that your pet have its exclusive page in internet, communicate you with us.

Antonela with "Queen" a caniche beautiful and very playful.gained the Voting of March/01. Federico with "Juancho" that accompanies it to all sides.went the More voted in the month of April/01.
"Pompón" gained The voting of the month of May/01. And by the beautiful thing that is itself it Deserves! "Sofi" went the Ganadora of the voting of the month of June/01. With that look, not Was for less!
I am "I Read", I am three years old. They know that I charms me to do? bones they throw me and palitos very tiny, and I leave running to seek them, as the perritos, I bring them to receive mimos and to follow playing... I Gained the voting of Julio/01!                         "Petra", is a perrita Yorkshire terrier of 8 months, it steals the stockings of its owner and the
Hearts of who know it.
This is "Pochi" being accommodated to sleep in its canastita of Mimbre. This is "Cachirla", the perrita friend of the family Estevez of Vicente López.
Pelusa always puies to bed in the door of house to take sun and to see to pass to the Neighboring.vecinos.Julia. Seems to be that to "Thunder" does not escape it neither a prey. Al except that Counts us Pablo, its amiguito of 11 years.
Evelyn Valderrama the photo sent us of "Coddy". Is 2 years old, is very regalón, loving and gained the voting of Agosto/01.Vamos Coddy  still! Hello my name is "Gala". I am a siamesa seal point of two years and in this
Photo I am with my four you drink.
My Gatita "Anais".En this photo had a month and weighed 300g. I raised it to biberón
Since its mother died when tenia Anais 15 days.
Elba with her campañera Of the soul: An ovejera that is called "Pancha". They live in Ezeiza.
Here is "Bart" a caniche toy of barely 800 grs. of eyes Black next to its "dad". Esteban sent us this photo of "Fanto", its jerbo, and says that does not remain Quiet neither by a second.
Hello my name is "Kiko", I have Seven months and I am a rabbit of angora French. I expect that you Please. We present to Mark it next to its small one poni "Alocada"
They look at that beautiful ojazos Heavenly that MYSELF have!! These are the cotorritas of Sebastian Contreras. 
"Pelusa" is a gatito so dormilón, that awakes alone to eat and to go al bath, But is the love of Adelina! "Malena" is a very loving dog that already has 12 añitos living with Miguel and Clear its "papás". 
The photo of this nice ardillita Korean called" Gordilla" us the It sent Myriam since Spain.
My name is "Hacky". I found a mom and a dad that they worshipped me since the first one I gave, they wanted myself a monton and they cured me todito.
With this photo I returned them the favor to my dads... therefore gained a contest and leaves published in a book...
"Bruno" es our beloved it drinks... the Sabado 15/09 complied with its first añito.greetings since Neuquen... "Ryan" will comply with an añito in March....
Is very companion, jugueton and re sweet.

 "Jazz" he is a setter gordon of Zaragoza (Spain), he is 4 years old and he is the queen of the house....
Hello I am a boy of Barcelona And I send you a photo of my blue cat Russian "Tivi".
I expect that they please you.

"Plumita", is 7 years old but as is of
Small body seems that tubiera 8 or 9 months. Is re compinche With me and of course sleeps to my side. Does not please it that the they awake and does not eat its food
until it ourselves mimos.Karina

"Nikitta" is the inseparable one Companion of Gastón  King. A great friend of mascotamigos.
"Tomy" has barely a mesesito and is a cosita Divine! Is hijito of mom caniche and dad pequinés. Is the love of Of Julieta, Jimena, Andrea and Enrique. This is my perrito "Locky". Is a lhasa apso AND has A year and medium. Is very loving and playful, and wants a great deal to All the ones that surround it.
To "Sophie" pleases it to play al futbol!
It is called "Johny" and is a sun!!!! Is a Golden Retriever, and was born July 3, 1999. Is the best that us step
We send them a cordial greeting since Barcelona!!
Till AND Nancy
Hello I have 4 months of Age, in Setiembre/01.- I call myself "Susy" and charms me to play. "Pampita" is a Border collie cachorra. The photo sends it us Luciana.
"Pascual", a beautiful dog half ovejero Belgian (father) and half ovejero German (mother). Now has Little more than 2 years, and is the mimado of the house. This it is "Tebas", the drinks Rottweiler of Federico.
She is "Sasha" vive in Bs. Ace. Argentina.and is one of the "daughters" mimadas of Ceci. Hello! She is "Ibis", my gatita of a year, only That he seems of less because not he grew a great deal. He is a gatita very Loving and playful and he is it consented of the house.
"Moon" has 3 months in the photo, at present already has a year, is a love, Super loving and franelera, if went by her lives to upa and as they see in the photo charms to be risen to the trunks or chairs, I say that he is a leona of circus.greetings of Cecilia Bs Ace Argentina.Went The ganadora of January/02. "It blocks", has 2 years, does not have race, but is a pleases to play and To sleep.
It is called "Serene", and the I collected of the street. I arrive in very badly state but now is Fanticamente. She  helped to raise to Hotaru. (N°3) He is called "Hotaru", that In Japanese he signifies "luciernaga". I adopted it of a protector of my city, and was very easily frightened since before To arrive at the protector they hit her a great is the princess of the house.
"Bonus" and "Homero" they are of Mirna and Jorge "Bonus" in the Terrace of the house of Mirna and Jorge in San Antonio of Padua.
Is very jugetona. Its Name is "Quini" and is very dirty but very adorable. This is Juani with its Inseparable friend Rottweiler "Yoko". They live in Haedo (Buenos Aires).
"I flowed" is the pincher mini of Alicia Collazo of Castiñeiras that lives in San Antonio of Padua.Seems that has verguenza of the chamber, not? "Frida" is a dog dóberman that, As they see, has a beautiful smile before the chamber.
"Homer" is a gatito Persian of 3 months, And  is a monada! This is "Duncan" a beautiful one siberian husky of A month of age. Is very playful pleases it to bite all, To be thrown to the pileta and to sleep upon newspapers wet.
Hello, I am "Kiko", a youth Exemplary of rabbit of angora French.
This is my mascota. Many thanks by Publishing it.a greeting of Antonio.
This is "Casper".Tiene 4 añitos, and is mixture of chiguagua and
Hello I am rodrigo and this is my dog "Magie" is an airedale terrier.
It is re crazy and charms it to play with my tortuga but does not bite it
It charms me that sleep in my bed!
This photo of "Thor" was taken with two months and weighed 7 kilograms , now weighs 27 kilograms ¡¡with five months¡¡ Hello!!! I am "Reyna" and I have two years and seven months, and I am every sweetness and I am drinks it of my owner that me mima a great deal and is called Vanesa
"Kiev" that now is 3 years old and months, but in the photo had Alone 2 months. In short, the prettiest one seemed and I expect that He please him.
  a kiss, luji
Its name is "klaus" and is An airedale terrier.
is very dear for all the family and The neighborhood.
the children always pass for house for To visit it and to play with the.
Always has visits of the children.
All the people wants it a great deal.
This of the photo it is "Nano", that to its 8 añitos has given it for using the monitor of my pc for sleep. SE carries hours and hours there, thus that should be comfortable :-P Hello this is "Axel" I expect that please them. Virginia
"Boby" has 5 months is very playful and charms it to destroy any thing that
Be to its reach. It has 2 sisters and they play a great deal among
They, although he is a little bit brute!
Hello! You command the photo of "Orejotas", my conejita Belier, here has 2 months and weighed 336 gr.
A greeting,
It is called "Popy" and has two months, is buenisima and very obedient. Already It does its needs out of house and is very playful and loving. This is the sister of "Kiko" the rabbit (good, adopted sister). Is a schnauzer mini, and they will see that, as their brother, she Is also beautiful.
Hello I am "Kiki Andrés", I have year and medium, I am very playful, dormilón and judicious. Not I am for boisterous... nothing thus not they create... it if not... ask him my mommy...
 A kiss and a Happy Year to Mascotamigos.
Myriam Xiomara Vásquez M.
I call myself "Nick", I have 2 añitos, as they will see I am very beautiful.also I am in Buscanovios
"My name is Lalo", I am 3 years old and not I stop of biting things....Also I am in Buscanovios Hello I am "Zoltan" an ovejero aleman male beautiful as see.also I am in Buscanovios
I am "Goran" A beautiful ovejero German of 5 years.also I am in Buscanovios Hello, I am a waimaraner of three years, I call myself "Bam Bam" and alive in Tigre, Good Air.also I am in Buscanovios

< - - - - - - - - - - - - - > These two photos are of "Iginio" a beautiful one gatito of Daniela Martinelli

Hello: my name is "Makenai", I am a hairy boy, Maltese mescla with yorki, I live in Antofagasta, Chile and my mom says that I am the prettiest dientudito that exists. (will I believe him?) 
I like to play for the roofs with my hairy sister "niwa", and although they retain us we play the whole day. A kiss to all the pretty girls that see me, hairy or not, jijijijiji Makenai
Good here you have my kitten Ataru (it is not the only one because Minnie and Dora are my tb). I would like that him votaris every day or every week. I am of Almería(España) and my kitten of the picture was taken in the patio of my house. My kitten is very affectionate and he loves to play with my dog Raski, and with my other cats. Truth that a charm is? Good I say goodbye and a great kiss for all.
This is the beautiful one "Brisa"  And this is the beautiful one "Lara"
Here they have to "Chicho", 
Affections for all the Mascotamigos, and from already thank you. Claudia. 
My name is a King and I have loquitas to all the kittens of the block, I am of 
Merida - Venezuela. 
For my he/she suckles I am the best birthday gift that you/they have given him..... 
They took me this picture after the rumba of December 24.
Here he/she sends you a curious picture of my cat. esá having breakfast, he likes a lot to eat, he/she calls himself spark and I would like me atudárais to contact the breakfast mark that is taking, corn flakes, because sure he/she makes them grace. 
a kiss 
This is "Whisky", with each one of my twins, they adore her, it is very affectionate! Hello, my name is "Gina",soy of Zaragoza and I am two years old 
My papis,Renato and Yolanda love me a lot because I am very affectionate 
I love to pose for the pictures to leave very pretty 
A besote 
Hello! My document says that my name is "I Tint" but all call me Camilo and I like it more. I have two and a half years and I am super finicky mainly with my dads Laura and Romeo. I hope some dog that sees my picture falls in love with me, she votes me and also want to put on of girlfriend with me. I send greetings to all the "mascoteros" and I want a great year to all!! he/she sends them this picture of my dog 
Imanol Von Decastro
HELLO MY NAME IS "SNUB" I AM 1 YEAR OLD 6 MONTHS I AM VERY PLAYFUL, EDUCATED Hello I am Rosalía and she are "Fany" he/she is 9 years old but it continues being a he/she drinks.
This is one of my children, playing in the garden with my girl. He/she calls himself 
Duffy" it is a golden five year-old retriever and the one together with my another 
golden is a luxury.
"Sharon" it is our sun, of the Abu and of the Uncle Marce. 
It is the sweettest and tender thing that arrived to our lives.
Hello friends, this it is my niña,Luna,la they abandoned in a cardboard box and 
it was an entire night of cold winter thrown in the street, being alone a 
baby of dias.Es him but beautiful that we have in my house, and I give thanks to the life to have her position in our road.
Two pretty dogs Candye is mom of Minye. They Model us their pretty cap
This is our big, 22 pound cat, Lenny.  He is very lovable, and only likes to
eat if we sit next to him and pet him while he eats.  He will cry and meow
until we follow to the food bowl.

Mike D.
And a hogar.LA looks for CAIXA 

hola, que tal...entre en su pagina y vi las fotos de las mascotas y no pude evitar mandar la foto de mi gata, se llama 

Kali, and in the picture he/she has six months, now he/she has a year and half and it is totally adorable... I would like them to vote her as mascot of the mes.Muchas thank you 

hello the he/she calls himself Rhoy!como you can see him he/she loves to run, to play.... 
he/she is 8 years old, the one is my best friend!!! greetings 


Rhoy, this time of he/she drinks, with so single 3 mesesespero that you also like


Hello! Am I Moly and here I do have 9 months, truth q seems money box??. Hello! my name is Zoltan,soy a beautiful clever Ovejero,siempre to play and to go for a walk!! I Hope they vote for my... a canine greeting!
This is my dog Tritus when single taenia 2 months, it is the more wapo of all Barcelona!!!!! together with Shadow, my other dog!

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