Many times it will have seen beautiful photos of dogs, cats, iguanas, parrots, turtles, etc., and then will have thought, ¿Reason I not I have a so beautiful photo of my pet? The secret is, not alone in the equipment utilized for this type of photograph, but also in a special knowledge of the photograph. There is photographers that specialize him in photographing animals, and is therefore that they know since what angle to photograph them, and in what precise instant to obtain takes it. These photographers are entrusted of grasping the photographs that then are published in magazines or in the catalogues of expositions.

In this page we will show you some of the photographs obtained by Alex, the photographer of pets of MASCOTAMIGOS.COM and if you desire it you will be able to communicate with him so that can communicate you the best remembrance of your to be dearer and thus inmortalized in a mural.

It elects the photo that you want to see expanded

"PANCRACIA" Comiendo Zapallitos.

"PERICO" En la Terraza de su casa, con palillo.

"LUCA" ( Jerbo) Comiendo girasol.

"SOFY" ¿ Qué miran ?

"RENATA" En una ramita de su estanque.

"PILON" ( Astronotus)

"JAZMIN" ( Un bombón !! )

"PELUSITA" ( Muy curioso ).

"COTER" ¿ Quién tocó el timbre ?



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