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Mascotamigos it was created for a group of persons, men and women, young... and not so much, among which, there is veterinarys, ecologists, biologists, photographers, creatives, programmers of system, and students. All and each one of us, lovers of  the animals, but respectful of these, we understood that together they could help them; and to help to all the persons that they please of the pets.
It did lacks a point of encounter for all. A place where to be expressed, and where to seek information. A place really shared and of healthy liberty.
And thus it was born Mascotamigos. Since our conviction that is very important to understand that, that animal that a day we decide to adopt as to ours new friend, counts on us to live, and is, its life, of ours entire responsibility.
But, Mascotamigos not alone is in charge of the mascotas, but also of the ecology, because in many cases, lamentably, the eagerness of the persons by "to collect" animal, is confused with the love to the pets, and sou carried to the extinction of great quantity of species in ours planet. 
Is also very important for us the to offer a conección, that goes and comes, among the users, and the professional, that they lend the most most various services.
And not we want to forget us of none, to the Hour of naming them. Veterinarious of all the specialties, owners of establishments dedicated to the reproduction of races, or to pensionates; of hairdresser, bathers, master of horseback riding or of training can, dogs-walkers , or to the manufacturers of thousands of so necessary products, for the welfare of ours dear pets.
Good, now already they know us. If they have any anxiety; whether, a criticism, a counsel, or a congratulations, not to stop communicateing, as really they do it to daily, and  we take advantage of this occasion for to give thanks. We are here to give the best of ourselves, because, not they doubt it: we do Mascotamigos Since the heart.

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