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The Dog very well be called, the better friend of the man, but if they should name al animal that more services has lent it always, this Is, without no place to doubts, the horse. So much in difficult situations as in other a great deal more more pleasing. Together they left their blood in the fields of battle, and today they leave the sweat, in infinity of sports as the Leap, the Pato, the Pole, or the Careers, and so many other. 

This noble animal, is servant in absolutely all the corners of the planet, and they exist therefore, docenas of races, and hundreds of varieties and colors.

In Mascotamigos we will try to represent them to all.

Job hard 

In the western world, some factories of soda, or some salespersons of smaller economic level, they utilize heavy or medium horses of shot, for deliveries of trayecto short and advertising purposes. Some farms utilize still horses of shot and they are an essential advantage for the police in many countries. However, for oriental every Europe, South of América, Asia and Africa, the horses of job (including ass) are employed still a great deal for The transportation and the agriculture.

Companion of sports.

The main paper of the horse of west of nowadays is the pleasure and the sport. The sports ecuestres are each more more numerous time and the increment is so much of riders as of spectators. It hunts it and the pole are two old sports, while the careers of horses itself have done popular everywhere since principles of the century XVIII. many forms of competition equina suppose large sums of money, so much for which is paid and earns by the horses as also by business of patrocinio. However, the main attraction for the i publish is in observing the excellent achievements and representations valerosas of the horse, that it have done human object of admiration and affection through the centuries.



The pelaje aísla the body of the horse of the extreme temperatures and of the effects of the elements. It protects it of the water and its textura varies according to the genes and hábitat of the equino.

By example, the races that evolucionaron in cold regions, with frequency they have very resistant hair al water, with an interior layer smooth that it serves of aislante additional. Next to the categories of colors there are different shadows and varieties.

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