1) To become accustomed to the routine of the brushed and Of the bath since the first months of life.

2 ) To Set an hour of the day for the neatness: better in the moments in which is found more more relaxed; by Example, after eating.

3 ) To the extent that is done old, to enlarge the frequency of the brushed, therefore with the age will go neglecting its hygiene Personal.

4) To take advantage of the brushed to verify if there are Indications of the Presence of parásitos (crusts, excrements, etc)....

5) Not to neglect the next hair to the eyes, above all in long cats of hair and of clear color; a great deal of attention also To the races with tendency al lagrimeo as the Persian. For it, to use a gauze dampened with water and reti­rar the impurities of This zone; to dry likewise with a gauze.

6) With the next hairs to the ears and zone bucal there will be That to proceed of the same form. In the case of receiving a humid food, extremar still more the precautions, therefore if they remained remainders of food lodged in the next hairs to the mouth, prompt will become focus of bacteria and problems Dermatológicos.

7) The caresses also form part of the ritual of the neatness: with them ourselves drag the dead hair and we help to maintain the Smoothness of the cloak.

8) To reward its good behavior during The brushed with play or a delicacy.

9) To try him a stable diet with all the nutrientes important, proteínas of quality (not you forget that the hair aca­for a good proportion of this nutriente) and Acid grasos essential.

10) Not any need exists of cutting the hair of a cat silo We maintain clean and well brushed. However, neither it supposes a crime to perform him an annual cut, in summer, for to favor a healthy and strong hair and, above all, to help him to To exceed the high temperatures.  



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