How to elect our dog

Each race of dog has, of course, a different characteristic. Some they are more more appropriate for the field and hunts it; other they are loyal guardians but winter lovers of climates;  they are the ones that are happy alone with an cushion next to the bed of their owners; and the ones that need to run various daily kilometers to not lose the form. Generally, to the hour of adopting a dog we do it for its physical aspect as if of a love to first view treated,  but is very advisable to know beforehand which are the customs and preferences of each race, to not carry us then surprises little pleasing  (by ours well and that of our pets !)


Is important that the decision of buying a dog, thus as the election of the race, have the approval of All. Is important that a member of the house, that can be enclosed in an office every day, not leave running and buy an enormous dog hunting, that expects that take care of another person, when this have been desiring secretly to take care of a Pequinés. Second: Never buy a dog by its pretty face. Always it has to verify if its abilities, character and requisite they are adequate for the paper that you it It wants to assign and for its circumstances. For example, is able that you alive in an apartment or in a house, in a city give or in the field, and the election of the race to should have all this in account. In the case of a exemplary of powerful, large race and/or that need a great quantity of exercise, should be assured that you or their companion/to they have the physical strength for to control it. Already himself there it will be given account that the study of the groups caninos helps al buyer of a dog to elect the races that enter inside the category more less, to should find animals of several races among the ones that to do its election. Not to should be difficult to find some cuantas that, for example, they combine their paper of pe­rro sports and/or guardian with that of dog of company for the family, ó that would be able, if you want to have a external kennel, keeping in mind that the majority of the animal of company they share marries it its owners, but that to many large dogs, of thick cloak not them It passes nothing by being outside. Nevertheless, once that it has had it received in the interior during a certain time, would be little kind to change of opinion and to remove it to suffer the severities of the perrera.  


Speaking with the fruitful, surely they will tell it that their type of Dog is the most most adequate one for you. Of the same one way, a person will tell it that never would have, by example, a German Shepherd in the same house that a boy, while another it would confess it that would trust the life Of the boy to that dog. Is important to keep in mind that, al the same as other dogs of job as the Doberman and the Rottweiler, the German shepherd is a natural guardian. The incidents that they have left in the medium ocasionados by them him they have been able to produce because these races of guardians, that they are for alert nature, malinterpretaron a situation and they jumped (just as they saw it them) in defense of the ones that were to their charge. In other Words, they did the job for the one that they raised them. The study of the profiles of the races will confirm that, because a dog be large or small, does not imply necessarily more or less exercise in proportion, or vital space. The Greyhound, for example, is usual during its life of careers to occupy a small space far from the trail, and will rest I please in its corner when be in a situation It domesticates.


The majority of the people considers preferences an animal of short or long hair, and including some times by a color In individual. Remember, nevertheless, that an animal of long hair surely will need that pass a great deal more time acicalándolo that one of short hair, and that to a clear dog of color, for example the Dálmata, itself it the hair will fall and will be seen a great deal in the carpet of the Fourth of being. ¿Which They are the requirements of each race? The majority of the enthusiastic only they are experts in preparing to their race you go him gida, and quizás to an or two more. Only the professionals in beauty and cared for canines they are able, for example, we advise upon the bario, cuts of hair and brushed of all the races recognized by the American Kennel Club.  


While that to enough races one must discharge them the hair to hand, using the fingers and/or a knife for it, with the end of giving him al cloak the effect desired for the expositions, to the same races often is cut them the hair in their place when they have only as Animal of company. The smooth races of cloak as the Terrier of Staffordshire American, Coonhound, Terrier of Boston and Bulldog French only they need to be brushed daily or each Two days using a short brush of bristle. The Shepherd German and many of the Spaniels, Retrievers they need A brushed newspaper with one of bristle and a comb. The races that they need a special care of the cloak and regular visits al parlor of beauty to trim, to empty and, quizás, to cut, they include the Terrier of Airedale, Bichón Frisé, the Schnauzers and the Caniches, and we return to to insist in which if we keep in mind the time and the expenses, would be a good counsel to think about a short race of cloak and smooth.


Owes to be agreed of asking him al fruitful upon the program of worms, and to verify if itself it there is vacunado for illnesses   mortal as the moquillo and the parvo virus but, will have to arrive at an agreement with its veterinary for to put him the necessary injections and to establish the routine for the annual repetitions as of Then.


There is that to have in consideration the economic element When we speak of maintaining a dog. The races more glandes they cost enough more than maintaining, in food, that the small a race Toy will eat approximately A 30% less than a Great dane. Thus same, also we will have to consider that the dog that be a industrious to regulate will consume more than the companion that Carry an indolent life. The standards established by the societies canines they indicate, in many cases, the weight desired for each race. If is worried about that its dog exceeds or does not reach this ideal weight, would owe to consult with its veterinario, that can recommend him a special diet.


When collect its cub of the fruitful one, normally will give it a paper with the diet, that you to should observe during The first months of life of this. It is able that laughed desire to follow feeding it with the products recommended, but would be a foolishness to pay attention omitted of the recommendations of the specialist until be well Grown. Is normal that a cub need four light foods al day (five in the case of some of the races more large), that they will be reduced to two daily foods to the six months of age, and to a when reach the year, for then already to should be an adult. Nevertheless, many proprietary, especially in the case of the races toy, they prefer to follow giving him to their dog two foods al day, dividing the daily portion in two parts.


Finally, if the cub that you have elected is registered in the society canina national, the fruitful one to should give him a Certificate of Pedigrí. It be assured that this has been of properly complemented and signed, so that you It can fix the I transfer of property to its name. This it is vital if intends to exhibit al animal, or of raising as of him. The fact of buying a dog with Certificate of Pedigrí not It signifies that is acquiring a dog of exposition. The one that be an animal of pure rare does not imply necessarily that comply with the standard of perfection tax for its race, although very well can be a Healthy and attractive example of its type. Never is possible, including for a fruitful one, to say with a certain degree of security that this or that cub is going to be a champion. Nevertheless, if it explains them at first its intentions of exhibiting it, they will do it possible the best based on a long experience, trying to choose to one that have future in the competition. Not there is, however, absolute guarantees of success.  


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