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Because we know the arduous task on that it consists to create and to maintain up-to-date a place web, we want somehow, to reward those that day by day sink to the World Wide Web. 

Because we know the important thing that it is to feel that effort very valued by the visitors, we reward to the places, pages, portals... from the púnto of a visitor's view more. 

Because we believe that the best prize is the gratefulness of those who enjoy visiting him, more than to reward, we THANK, with this reward to who we grant it to him. 

It doesn't represent neither I pray, neither silver, neither precious stones, and their stars are all those of the sky. It represents the mother nature, to the ecology, to the earth, to the sea, and to all the beings.


And this way, as a visitor more; we observe all those small details that are much more important that the discharge speed, the sailing simplicity or the disconection of files called links. We observe the love with which the webmaster and people that it designs and he/she chooses the pictures or the respective texts it deposited in the web. We observe the service that this web ready to their users (calls you neighbor), and in the cases in that those webs possesses "Books of visits", "Forums" or "Clubs" We see the impression left in their visitors. It interests us that in the world of Internet it is rewarded those who maintain the due respect toward people, animals, plants, to the ecosystem, to the nature and the environment. That is the true and main end of the ECOPRIZE MASCOTAMIGOS.

If you considers that its place web is worthy of the ECOPRIZE MASCOTAMIGOS, complete the



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