Some terms "rare" that you can to listen in the Veterinary.


ADHESION: Union of weaves that they are used to appearing after an operation quirúrjica: the weaves that are healing unite among itself and to other Due to the reaction inflammatory that arises after the intervention. Is used to referring to organs of the abdominal cavity, of It forms that they unite different layers of organs.

ARRITMIA: Irregularity in the pulsations. Is a matter of a lack of rhythm in the pulsations of the heart. Is an unmistakable symptom of That suffers a patology or illness heart.

ADENOPATÍA: Illness of the glands in general and of the ganglios linfáticos in Private. These they enlarge their size as reflection of defense before illnesses as faringitis, cold, tumoraciones and other Infectious wrongs of origin.

BIOPSIA: Method of diagnosis that consists of the extraction of a sample of the weave or organ affected for To determine the cause of the illness.

SILENCE: Swelling that is formed around a bone fracturado as part of the Process of healing. The agency reacts before a fracture placing to its around the necessary materials so that the Structure that has been altered recuperate its stability. Itself it observes in the x-rays as an bundle around The zone fracturated. Also it can be detected feeling the zone.

CIANOSIS: Coloring azure or blackish of certain weaves due to a blood irrigation Incorrect. Appears when the animal suffers pains cardiacas, Circulatorias or pulmonares. The tongue, the lips and the extremities acquire this coloring when the blood itself It stops.

CRIPTÓRQUIDO: Dog that lacks one or both testículos in the Purses. Is a frequent problem in the dog and is due to that the testículos they have failed to descend to leave al exterior And they remain hidden in the abdominal cavity. It is solved with An operation.

DERMATITIS: Inflammation of the skin. Appears with any infection Cutaneous, be which be its origin.

ENDOSCOPIA: Test of diagnosis that, by means of to introduction of a system óptico in the animal agency (by orificios natural or surgical) permits to visualize the pain and Including to apply the processing.

ENTERITIS: Inflammation Of the mucous of the intesti­us. Always it goes accompanied of diarrheas and is used to arising after a change of diet or as Consequence of the estrés. Its origin would also be able to be Infectious, bacteriano or viral. An enteritis chronic is able to be sign of an affectión located in the pancreas, kidney Or liver.

ESTENOSIS: Narrowing of any canal (intestine, esophagus, valves heart...) Provokes that the contents that circulate By him, not they can do it with normality. If the animal suffers, for example, an estrechamiento in the valve mitral of the heart, serious problems will arise circulatory in the remainder of the Agency.

WATER-PIPE: Conduit abnormal that it is opened spontaneous­mind in the skin to expel Substances of any origin. For example, the famous one fístula perianal: arises when the glands of the ano are obstruidas or infected; the agency reacts creating a new conduit (Fístula) that permits it to remove al exterior the infection.

GALACTORREA: Secreción abnormal and excessive of milk in the Females. It appears when the mama is infected or suffers some Alteration. The processing consists of the administration of Products farmacológicos.

HIPERTROFIA: Increase Of size of an organ or weave. For example: if al dog it it fails a kidney, the other enlarges its volume to supply the Function of the deteriorated.

HIPOTENSIÓN: Pressure Blood drop. It can be produced for failures cardiacos and Circulatorios.

HIPERTENSIÓN: Pressure Blood high. Also owes to failures circulatorios and Cardiacos.

HIPOTERMIA: Temperature Corporal too much drop. Is motive of alarm if is for underneath of the 360 C.

HIPERTERMIA: Temperature corporal too much high, over the 39,50 C

HISTERECTOMÍA: Operation Quirúrgica that consists of the extirpación of the útero.

LIPOMA: Tumor Of cells greases. The causes of their apparition are infinities: bad diet, predisposición genética, blows, traumatismos...

METÁSTASIS: Tumoraciones that they arise because the cells malignas of an organ affected of cancer They travel by the body and other zones are infected. When happens, the hope of life of the patient is very short (from two to three Months).

MICOSIS: Term that includes the affections produced by Mushrooms. Its symptoms understand picor, enrojecimiento, hinchazón... The not hard processing less than one month, most minimum period Necessary to destroy the vital cycle of the mushroom.

NECROSIS: Death Of a weave. Appears when, after a traumatismo (blow strong), they break the blood glasses and the circulation themselves short: the lack of irrigation provokes the death, degeneration or Atrofia of the organ that results affected.

OSTEOPATÍA: Name That they receive the illnesses of the bones.

OSTEOSARCOMA: Tumor Maligno of the bones. It can be provoked by infinity of you cause: predisposición racial, traumatismo, bad diet... The prognostic, generally, is desolador. A dog with Osteosarcoma will not live more than three months.

PARAPLEJIA: Parálisis Of it splits subsequent of the body. Can arise like consequence Of a traumatismo, of a tumor or of a nervous affection.

PERICARDIO: Membrana That covered al heart.

  PRORLAXIS: Measured adopted for the prevention of an illness; that is to say, all The routines or sanitary procedures, dietéticos or farmacológicos.

PROLAPSO: Exit al exterior of an organ abdomi­nal (bladder, vagina, útero and Straight, mainly). For example: the straight one is hooked to the walls of the abdomen for some muscular bands distendidas and Limp. In case of estreñimiento, these bands force themselves, themselves They break and they provoke the expulsion of the straight one.

PRÚRITO: Is the Technical name that receives the picor. It more more normal is that owe to an infestación of pulgas.

POLINEURITIS: Inflammation That it affects to various nerves. Its more more common causes are the Infections víricas and the traumatismos. It is solved with antiinflamatorios, vitaminas of the group B and a correct one Diet.

SEBORREA: Excess of production of grease in the glands sebáceas of the skin, Seemed al acné human.

TAQUICARDIA: Increase of the rhythm cardiaco. It can be normal (later to carry out exercise) or patológica (Some illness of the heart).

TROMBO: Clot of blood in a blood glass or in the heart. Arises after a Severe traumatismo or as consequence of a tumor. If they arrive to very narrow veins, they interrupt the blood circulation. The processing consists of the administration of fármacos that they dissolve the balls of blood.


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