Any animal can be a pet?

Logical is to think that not any animal can be utilized like a pet, but... which is the limit?

As the human being does not have limit for the imagination, therefore does neither have limits to the hour of to think about an animal for domesticating like its a pet companion.


There are persons that have in its houses, as pets, to bengal tigers of , to chimpanzees, to anacondas, to hawks, and the list would follow for always, so long as long is the existing list of animals in the world. The lamentable thing is that in that list they enter animals that in its natural habitat already almost cannot be found them. Including there are persons that have in its animal power that they they know are the last copies of their species, and still thus their friends with pride they exhibit them. Many of the animals that already the human being núnca will be able to see otherwise that not be dissected, they have been extinguished for this cruel motive.


Therefore what is important al to elect a pet, is to do with sincerity, with ethics, and to ask us:

¿I, is contributing and the extinction of this species? (In greater or in smaller measurement), ¿I, I go to to be able to give him an adequate standard of living al that needs, and that Be in agreement with its nature? We think that that animal one al which we we elect like a pet, is a to be living, and not an object. We keep in mind before carrying it to our house all the necessary factors so that its existence since that day be pleasant. Not alone should be a pleasure for us, the to have and to enjoy that animalt, or by showing it to who they visit us, but also for her. If al to do us all these you ask not we are sure, we choose for a dog, or by a cat, therefore in truth, not all the animals, they can be pets.

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