The walls and floor of material permit an easy cleaning and disinfection, At the same time that offer solidity and duration to the structure.

The metallic door facilitates the access al canil for its sanitary action while the opening practiced in its lower angle, aside of permitting the entrance al dog, repairs of the wind al sector opposite, thing that would not happen of being blocked in the center, and open totally in epoch summery, it ventilates adequate the precinct without need of windows.

The sobrepiso of wood offers warmth and can be retired without obstacles (given the amplitude of the door) to proceed to its washed, brushed, and perfect dried al Sun.

EI floor of engraves obliges al dog to be affirmed upon that of the fingers fortifying the same, and impeding a stepped "flat" that it would carry to more weakness of the tendons (foot of hare, etc.)

The dimensions of the corral permit a sufficient mobilization as to not affect the normal development dcl dog. This not it implies neither it justifies a constant one reclusión, but becomes it comfortable when be indispensable.

The unevenness of the floor in direction to the grill, simplifies the washed Daily.

The drinking trough desagotable permits the recarga of the water in order to maintaining The fresh and clean provision.

Undoubtedly, the construction of a lodging of this kind requires space and medium, but we consider that the bases of the same one can be become like reference for executions less onerous.


Aside of the 5 basic products that needs every animal, that is to say: water, albúmina, hydrates of carbon (starch and sugar), greases and you leave; they are also indispensable the vitaminas

The dog is carnivorous by excellence, therefore its diet it should be constituted of 80% of meat and 20% of cereals, vegetables and Fruits.


Will owe to be supplied raw, since in this way is rich in substances extractives; roast loses some properties and if boils satisfies but does not feed adequate to the animal, compromising besides the anátomo-functional integrity of its liver an error to believe that the raw meat favors the formation of parasites In the dogs.


They owe to be given cooked, to avoid the transmisión give illnesses.

Vegetables and fruits:

Itself they will supply, preferably raw, and stung or ralladas. Some drops of lemon in the ration they are very recommendable by its contribute of  " C"vitamin Is very important to become accustomed since cub to the consumption of these products.


Not they should beincluded in the diet of the dog, therefore they generate inconveniences dental, instestinales, etc.



Food To keep in mind when be desired to vary the diet.

Bread white:

It constitutes a Excellent food, to condition that supply itself tostated.


Is excellent food Provided that being supplied after prolonged cooking.

Pastes (noodles) :

They constitute a good food; to supply them well stews flavored With cheese.


(Quakcer, Polenta and tapioca ) Excellent complement of the diet, should have care in not exaggerating in the quantities.

Potatos Papas) :

Due to that they contain great quantity of celulosa what provokes a intense fermentation in the medium oneintestinal   It will agree to DISPENSE with its inclusion in the diets.


Of extraordinary value nutritious. Their high state proteico (35%) they do that 50 grs. Of cheese they behave the same as 100 grs. of meat. Their employment limitless is able acarrear constipación. Not it should be given the cheese gruyere, whose consumption is able to cause the inflammation of the glands perianales.

Avoid In every form to give him candies, sweets etc.


Female Dog

The aptitude for the procreación it is manifested in the female with its first zeal, fact that will take place among the 8 and 12 months; of age. The duration of the same one will be of 21 days, being its sintomatology the following one:

To )   Inflammation of the lips of it return with losses of blood Intermittent (drops).

B )   Edginess and excitement.

C ) Decrease of the appetite in the majority of the cases.

Exceptionally the inverse thing is given: voracity.


During this period the dog should remain isolated and in sure 1ugar, in order to avoiding the siege of the male and an eventual service "Not desired". Attention should be lent al supply Of fresh water in quantity, therefore will drink a great deal. Finalized the zeal, The same one will be repeated to regular intervals (each 5 or 6 months).


Al to decide to do procrear to the dog, will proceed to the election of the male one, treating in the possible thing, that the same one compensate the defects that be able adolecer Its dog. It will request al owner of the same one its pedigreé and will submit it To study. Avoid the consanguinidad. If that male one already has been utilized as reproducer, verify the quality of them you raise that gave; and discard it In case of verifying that transmits serious defects. Observing these details, and save fortuitous circumstances, you will contribute al Improvement of the Race in general, and of its you raise in individual. The ideal moment to perform the service will be produced among 10 and 14 days, after verified which, they will be taken again "measured Of security during the 5 subsequent days. Already in full gestation, we will lend preferencial attention to the adequate diet of the dog, avoiding the accumulation of greases and being indispensable besides, submitting it daily walks, obviando logically the excessive efforts (to rise stairs, etc.)

The period of gestation will last from 58 to 62 days. During the prior days to give birth to is convenient maintaining it tranquil and in rest, and of being possible in the preset place so that the dog place itscachor ros.



The transition of the nursing to the ration of growth should not be Abrupt. Among the third and fifth Week of life, they will supply themselves to Puppy, small bolls of raw meat and stung. Exceeded that time, will enlarge progressively the quantity of meat stung, incorporating the other food of the diet (milk with quaker, rice, sémola, grated carrot, etc.)

The total quantity of food to eat by the animal during the day, it will be divided into rations that him they will give of the following form:

 To the 5 months: 4 rations

 of 5 to 8 months: 3 rations

     from 8 to 12 months: 2 rations

 of 12 months on: 1 ration.

Is recommendable aditar prepared vitamínicos, mineral, especially rich in calcium. To such effect consult with the medical one veterinario, that it t will prescribe what consider that its cub needs.

Guide chronologic:

     30 to 40 days of age: Processing anparasitary.

     90 days of age: Vacunation against Distemper.

    150 days of age : Re-vacunation against Distemper.

    180 Days of age: Vacunation against the rage.


Notions And symptoms. DISTEMPER :

The distemper is an infect-contagious illness not trasmisible to man. It attacks. preferably to the animal youths (3 to 16 months), And it is provoked for a virus filtrable (of Carré). In the copies of more than 16 months is less frequent, but more virulent the more adult be.

Forms clinical: Exantemática; broncopulmonar, gastrointestinal and Nervous.

Is highly contagious and it is characterized for: high fever; conjunctivitis, rinitis muco-purulents; tos; vómits and diarrhea. They can be noted, to times, small vesículo-pústulas in the internal face of the thigh or in The cut womb.

Al to perceive any of these symptoms; CALL INMEDIATELY TO VETERINARY.


More more characteristic symptoms:

Mutaciones of character, anxieties of biting, furor, alteration of the voice or absolute silence, open mouth, hanging tongue, consumption indiscriminate of objects (woods. stones, clay, etc.), impossibility of drinking, vómits or convulsive accesses.

Al to be observed any of these symptoms will proceed, with the precautions of the case, a. to isolate al animal to avoid all contamination, and without loss of time will communicate al Institute Pasteur, where they will inform upon them measured to take

NOT sacrifice al dog that has bitten someone, given that the diagnosis of the rage in exemplary vivús is easier to be verified by The veterinary medical .


If it suspects the consumption on the part of its dog of ali­mentos poisoned, and in the meantime the medical one arrives veterinary, treat of doing it to vomitintroducing him the fingers in the throat and obliging it to drink salty water al most maximum or with mustard.


Not it is exaggerated to assure the presence of parásitos in the 85% of the dogs and of these, alone a ínfima minority is transmisible al man, but given the constant and routine contact that maintains the dog with the family nucleus and above all with the children, becomes Necessary the profilaxis of the same.

Symptoms: weigh loss, sadness, demolition, sec hair, bristly and opaque, appetite voraz (to times inapetencia), colitis, and from time to time eczema humid in the skin.

Al to perceive any of these symptoms, should perform him an analysis of matter fecal joining, in a perfectly clean flask and containing formol to 5% a part of the daily deposition of the animal during three consecutive days. With the result of the analysis in its hands the medical one veterinary will be in conditions of recetar the antiparasitary pertaining to each case.


The injured light or scratches that can suffer the dog, they will be a matter of the same form in which would be done with a human being, proceeding to its Cleaning and disinfection.

In case of wound, serious (fire weapon shot, injured provoked by cutting object, or bite give other animals, etc.), try to stop the it hemorrhages by means of a “tourniquet" if the location of the. same it permits it, or applying a compress of cotton maintained by strong vendaje.

Is obvious to recommend the quick one I transfer of the dog to the clinic veterinary more more nearby for its adequate attention (suturas, extraction of proyectiles or strange bodies, etc.)

Another objection that can be presented, above all when the dog has had to be displaced during long time upon rough land and stony, or while it is prepared to yield the exam of resistance, is the or wear of the Pads protective until remaining in alive meat. The painful thing of this wound impedes the locomotion being the best terapia the rest and it consults it with the medical one veterinary in order to preventing possible complications.

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