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In any point of the world in which you be found.

So that all those that want it, can take a place in Internet, the warnings that are housed in our searchers, (Line + Page Web), they have the most economic value in the market: $20. - (u$s) monthly. INS MORE EXPENSES!! you alone it will enter the searcher of Pet-Shops, Breeders, Veterinary, or respective Service and to fill the form with the data of their establishment or offered service, and to the brevity we will communicate with you The data of the searchers they are upgraded monthly. And if you ALREADY have a page web in Internet, from their line in our searcher, we believe him a conección toward their Web, and in that way you will do beneficiary with the thousands and users' of MASCOTAMIGOS.COM thousands

As Publishing their warning in those Classified of  

A greater commercial diffusion, consists of possessing a banner, (notice noticeable), created especially for you and placed in strategic places of our entry so that each visiting see the name of its establishment, product, nursery, or service, while travels through the pages of

The economic value, by to insert a banner advertising in it is of 100.- ( u$s) monthly, Including this price, the design graphic and digital of the same.  (in the Home the value is of $ 200. - (u$s)

Example of Banner:

Keep in mind that our entry is visited monthly for thousands of the pets-lovers. This immense volume of visiting, has free and free access to all and each one of the pages of

And the option for those that they desire to have a place absolutely professional:

That of possessing the Own Domain


(example: www. Roche. com. ar)

An intial payment (and unique), of $ 200.- (u$s) it includes the design, execution, procedures of the control in Consulate, and publication in Servant of Internet, and a monthly quota, of $70.- (u$s) includes hosting (mantenimientoen the Servant), and the eventual changes that to should be carried out to the pages, to maintain them Brought up to date.

In all the cases we offer it, if thus it desires it,  direct connections since ours Entry so that its be seen thus, benefited by the flow of visiting that they arrive at newspaper to

We count on programmers, publicists and designers, that they will give to their pages of Internet, the velocity, and the practicity necessary, so that the place be dynamic and interesting to its visiting and potential clients. 

Not more think it. Internet is today, and, it puts in its hands the possibility of approaching its Business to millions of users of Internet in the world. 

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