Castration or Contraceptive ?

If has a Pet female, is very probable that in some moment be proposed to avoid that remain preñada. Its objective can be carry out for two methods: the castration or the contraceptive supply of pills. Know which is the healthiest option.


When begins the phase of the zeal in the pets, also they begin the problems for their owners. Therefore, before that the small animals of the house they cross that period, It is important to keep in mind what measurement to take. Though the most extended method is the castración, exists the possibility of supplying him to its dog or cat contraceptive by oral way these medications they are very effective and, by diverse mechanisms, they can impede the pregnancy in the females caninas and felinas. Distinct families of drugs can exercise that effect, but the that resulted more more efficient they are the progestagen. These substances have defect of the hormon progesterona, which inhibits the ovulation in the females gestantes. When not the gestation is desired, the use of the hormonas sintéticas they avoid the apparition of the zeal.

The progestágenos sintéticos more utilized they are: Acetato of medroxiprogesterona, clormadinona and acetato of  Megestrol. All these drugs, in greater or less measurement, they produce secondary effects that can alter seriously the Sa lud of the pet; therefore is that in the majority of the cases is recommended to choose for the castración among the adverse effects, the more frequent they are: the excess in the estimulación of the indometrio (internal cover of the útero) and the consecount endometritis and piómetra, two illnesses mamarias, as tumors and hiperplasias; alterations pancreáticas, as the diabetes and defasajes in the presentation of the next one cycle menstrual, that can vary among the 2 to 9 months or, in the most worse one of the cases, postergarse by various years. Besides, it is probable that an increase be produced of the appetite, with increment of the weight and changes in the behavior. These alterations are the ones that carry to the majority of the veterinarios to desestimar the use of contraceptive. In case of being inclined for this method, keep in mind that it agrees to utilize it for short time, for example For the holidays or some trip.


It is the method by which is annulled the functionality of the glands sexual in the female and in the male one. In general, itself they utilize technical surgical to eradicate said glands (ovarios and testicles), but methods exist also chemical that they are used to applying in the male. The sexual behavior of our mascotas is able to produce effects that alter the normal contact. When the male cat arrives its sexual maturity, will begin to do pis with a penetrating and strong smell, "rociando"the  movable in form vertica1 is also very habitua1 that they emit maullidos in veryserious tones   since of that way, they express theirexcitement  sexual from time to time they can be shown aggressive and With intentions of abandoning the house. This last is very dangerous, already. that during those "walks the felinos they are used to injuring in fights with other cats, to the extent of putting in danger their life al to wander by, the roofs. The popular belief exists that the cat, castrado is transformed into a to be fool, that loses every motivaciónof  to live. Swims but go him jado of the reality. They as explain the veterinarios, this theory is so alone a myth. The felines castrateds, so much the male as the females, they maintain the same level of intelligence with the one that they were born, they are playful and to excellent hunters of mice (provided that having opportunity), Al the same as the animals that not they have been operated. It so it is used to happening, and is taken as a negative consequence, is the increase of weight. This corporal transformation is controlled al to be reduced the sedentary life. To stimulate the animal with play and diverse entretenimientos is fundamental if wants to see it more Healthy and thin. The play and the company of its masters they are irreemplazables for them. Not neglect them and will see as they can be very happy, even castrateds.


In thee Pasteur Institut they are carried out castractions to dogs and cats in it forms  free.  Its direction in our Page of Links


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