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"That this history not be that of your dog"

Week: Today I complied with a week of born. That happiness to have arrived at This world!

Month: My mom takes care of me very well. He is an exemplary mom.

2 Months: Today They separated me of my mom. She was very restless, and with Its eyes good-bye said me. Expecting that my new one "human family" took care of me so well as her her Had done.

4 Months: I have grown quick; all the attention calls me. There are various children In the house that for my they are as "brother". We are very restless, they me tironean of the queue and I them I bite playing.

5 Months: Today me regañaron. My housewife was bothered because me I did "pipi" inside of the house; but never they had myself said where should do it. Besides I sleep in the recámara. No longer endured!

8 Months: I am a happy dog. I have the heat of a home; I sit down so sure, so protected. I create that my human family wants me and me He consents a great deal. When they are eating me they invite.   The patio is for my solito and me the step scratching, as my ancestors the wolves, to hide the food. Never they educate me. It should be well everything that I do

12 Months: Today I complied with a year. I am an adult dog. My masters say that I grew but of what they thought. That Proud they should be felt of my!

13 Months: That badly I felt myself today. My "brother" I remove myself the ball. I never I get its toys. So I was removed it. But my mandible   itself have done very strong, so it I injured without To want. After the scare, they chained me almost without being able to move me, al ray of the sun. They say that they are going to have me under observation and that am ungrateful. I do not understand anything of what passes.

15 Months: Already swims is equal... living in the roof. I sit down very alone... seems as if my family no longer wanted me. To times they are forgot that I am hungry and thirst. When rains not I have roof that me he cover.

16 Months: Today they descended of the roof. Sure that my family forgave me. I put myself so happy that he gave leaps of flavor. My Tail seemed a spring. That happiness, they are going to carry me with They taking a walk. We line up toward the highway and of sudden they stopped. They opened the door and I descend happy Believing that we would do ours "day of field". Not I understand because they closed the door and they went themselves. " Theyhear, They expect!" -I barked... they are forgot of my. I ran behind the car with all my strengths, and my anguish it grew al to give me account, that almost dispelled me and they not They stopped: they had been forgot of my.

17 Months: Have tried in vain of seeking the road of return home. Me I sit down Alone and I am lost. In my path there is people of good heart That it sees me with sadness and something gives me of eating. I them I thank with my look, since the fund with my soul. I it wanted that they adopted me and would be loyal as none. But alone they say "poor little dog", should have lost, And then they follow their road without my.

18 Month: The other day pass for a school and I saw to many children and young as my "brothers". I approached, and a group of them, being laughed, a rain threw me of Stones "to see who had better puntería". A of those stones I injure myself the eye and since then no longer I see With him.

19 Month: Lie seems, when was prettier they were sympathized with more of my. Already I am very thin; my aspect has changed. I lost my eye and the people now removes me to knocks given with a broom, when intend to throw me in a small shadow.

20 Month: Almost not I am able neither to move me. Is that today, when it was resting of my pains, in a place that I believed Sure, call "cuneta", a car rolled me. Not I will forget the look of satisfaction of the driver, that to I tip a little its road, provided to hit me. I hope me to have killed, but alone the hip dislocated me. The pain is terrible, my back legs no longer respond. With difficulty me I dragged toward a little herb al side of the road. It does many days that myself under the sun, the rain and the cold, without eating nothing. No longer I am able neither to move me and the pain is unbearable. I sit down very badly; I remained in a humid place And the hair is falling. Some people passes and neither sees me, and other they say: "Not you approach, Not you touch it!" Already almost I am unconscious; but some strange strength did me to open the eyes. Surely the sweetness of its voice went, what did me to react: -" Poor little dog, looks as you have left!", said... next toher   came a gentleman of beating white that he began to touch me and then he said: -" I sit down it lady, but this dog no longer has remedy, is better to sacrifice it and that to stop suffering." To the genteel lady you left it itself the tears and assented. As I was able, I moved the tail and I looked at it thanking him. It would help me to rest, al end. Alone I felt the pinchazo of the injection and I went myself sleeping, and while slept, remembered my mom and to my hermanitos Human that they played with me while was a baby. And I slept for always, thinking about reason I had to be born, if nobody In this world would want me.

  The solution is not to throw a dog to the street, but to educate it to time. Not You convert your friend and companion in a problem. Aid to to open the conscience of the people, and thus, would be able to arrive the time, in which not there be more dogs abandoned in the streets.

Anonymous, sent by Felchle Mariana. Thanks.

Moving story of Bastet, regarding its cats "Guepardo" (Guepi) :

   "Rose, (ours first gatita) already had little more of a year; they ran the first days of November of 1994 and was one of those humid and rainy days little desired by living entity some...
 We returned Enrique (my son greater) and I of the office when we glimpse, in the half-light of the night burzaqueña, somewhat black, very small, that moved...
 It was a little cat (that I supposed when I raised it, since did not put the queue among the legs), all wet by the persistent drizzle...
I achieved that my son to desist of the idea of carrying it home («already we have a, and enough it costs maintaining », sentencié I in that Opportunity).
 Al following day, in the morning, it returned I of shop when it returned to to see: this time, aside from being wet (the drizzle followed its course), was full of sand...
 The fact if there is commented to Enrique and that the cat was in the house of my mother, question of minutes...went only
 In «honor» to the series X-MEN, the cat be called «Guepardo»...
 There were two reefs that to save: my mother (went not very difficult: only there was that to endure a pair of shouts) and Rose...
 It passed almost a week so that She accepted her. The «black» (thus he referred I al small felino) he sought it constantly, and she him rehuía, also constantly...
 But a day (always there is a day for all) Rose began to throw him zarpazos, aside from the growls of the first moments...
 Then they followed the revolcones and, finally, them licked... CONCLUSION: ¡they had themselves Done friends... for always!
 Guepardo, in agreement went growing, went showing an identical character al of the to be with which I dreamed to have for always to my side, that is to say, an identical character al of my blue prince (a blue prince gatuno, but not because of it less appreciated)...
 There are times in which dreamed that Guepardo, al the same as in «The beautiful one and the beast», was a delighted prince, only that transformed into cat in this case, that in some moment would take form human and its eternal love...would declare me
 Smooth, in every sense... Beginning for its black hair semilargo, with subpelo white, which it was scattered for all marries it in its continuous mute... Following with its tender ronroneos, when he approached me with look suplicante, being scrubbed against my body, requiriendo caresses... His almost imperceptible maullido, with its manitos supported upon my skirt, al to request food...
 Of strong texture, me remembered to Súperman, to Schwarzenneger, to Chilavert (pardon if the personages invoked are felt offended... ) Their postage majestuoso al to be displaced (al to walk, al to jump, al to spy...), its look (agree to the situation that vivencia: suplicante, arrogant, unworried, attentive); in short... its «form gatuna of To see the life»: that is the cause.
 If to all it ourselves add it that the to be described «bore any thing», to the limit that its liberty was permitted... it after which, simply it sought the way of being moved away, without showing irascible temperament some... we were, therefore, in presence of a to be of another world...
Sincere world felino? World of Hadas and duendes?... GREAT MYSTERY...
 As if these were few qualities to assign him to this felino, fits to add that the same one performed the sporadic role of «professor intuitivo of computation»: al to be risen al keyboard, it activated to times teclas whose function did not know... as for example «F7... » after which appeared in screen a listing of the commands of the TWO since herself there was inicializado the computer... Testing, not only I discovered the function assigned by the TWO to said tecla, but also «F9», with which, doing reference al number that precedes each one of the commands of that ready, it is possible to invoke them without have to return to to write them... Ideal if the command is extensive...
Things of felinos? Things of prince Delighted?... ANOTHER MYSTERY...
 Finally, we set as its Probable date of birth October 01, 1994.
 The years went passing, and "Guepi" (such the apócope of its name) performed the role of "psychologist" : each new one integrante (felino or human) that the house arrived at, first was "analyzed" and "accepted" by him; then, by the remainder of the community (felina or human)...
 Until that arrived moment tragic, lacking five minutes so that began Sunday 10 of setiembre of 2000. Guepi was does already almost a year (that is it estimated) with cancer (not we had Been able to do nothing). The agony was painful for all. Maullaba and no longer raised himself. Not it wanted to eat. Bastet, The eternal goddess gatuna, decided to carry it to him.
 Will always remain in our hearts. Always we will love it.

<  "Guepi" Teaching him computation to Bastet.

To laugh a while, to ribs of the cat:

The following text was extracted, of the page of the Spaniard Mercy Sánchez ( net), and envoy to us, by Bastet, and really is worth the Suffers, enjoy it. And to Bastet...Thanks by sharing it!


1.- Take the cat and acúnelo with its left arm as if was maintaining to a baby. Place the fingers index and pulgar of its left hand to apply a smooth pressure upon the cheeks of the minino, while maintains the pill with the right. When the cat open the mouth, throw the pill Inside. Permit him to close the mouth to the effects that the cat the swallow.

2.- Collect the pill of the I am used and remove al cat of behind the sofá. Acune al cat in its arm left and repeat the process.

3.- Bring al cat since the Desk and throw the pill baboseada to the trash.

4.- Take a new one pastilla of the box, acune al cat in its left arm, maintaining the back legs firmly you hold with its left hand. Force the opening of the mandíbula and push the pastilla inside the mouth of the animal with Its medium finger. Maintain the mouth of the cat closed and count to 10.

5.- Remove the pill of the Pecera, and al cat of over the cabinet. Call its wife, that is In the garden, so that help it.

6.- Be Knelt in the soil with the cat firmly I subject among its knees. Maintain its back legs and forward quiet. Ignore the growls that the cat emits. Ask him its wife that maintain the head of the cat with a hand, while the mouth with a rule of wood opens it. Throw the pastilla Inside and rub vigorosamente the throat of the cat.

7.- Bring al cat of the lamp of the kitchen. Take another pill of the box. Remember to buy a New rule and to entrust some new curtains. Bar carefully the pieces of figures of porcelana and put them aside to hit them then.

8.- Wrap al cat in a toalla large and ask him its wife that maintain it stretched, only With the visible head. Put the pastilla in a pajita of soft drink. Open the mouth of the cat with a pencil. Put an extreme of the pajita in The mouth of the cat and the other in the its own. Blow.

9.- Read the prospect of the box to be assured that the pastilla that has just itself to swallow is not harmful For human beings. Drink a glass of water to recuperate the sense of the flavor. Apply apósitos in the arms of its wife and clean the blood Of the carpet with cold water and soap.

10.- Bring al cat of the Tejado of the neighbor. Take another pill. Put al cat in the cabinet and close the door upon its neck, leaving only the head out of the same. Force the opening of the mouth with a spoon of dessert. Throw The pill inside the mouth of the cat with an elastic rubber.

11.- Go al garage to seek a screwdriver to return to place the door of the cabinet in its hinges. Aplíquese cold compresses in its cheeks and verify when was its last dose of anti-tetanus.

12.- Call the firemen To descend al cat of the tree that there is in the opposite street. Discúlpese with its neighbor, that has just itself to shatter trying to escape from its Furious cat.

13.- Take the last pill of the box. Go you the forward legs of the cat together with the back legs with a cord. Tie it firmly to the leg of the table of the kitchen. Seek heavy gloves of job. Maintain the mouth of the open cat with a small lever. Put him the pastilla in the mouth followed by a piece of meat. Maintain the vertical head and pour medium liter of water through the throat of the cat, so that swallow the pill.

14.- Do that its wife it carry to urgencies. It be sited down tranquil while the doctor sell him the fingers and the front and the pill of the eye he removes him. In the road of return home, is stopped a moment in the store of furniture for to buy a new table.

15.- Finally, fix with an inmobiliaria the purchase of a new house, and call al veterinario, To ascertain if has some hámster to sell.

Fede sent us these beautiful lines dedicated to its dog

  Letter of the heart al heaven

Today 17/01/2002 Nihuil went himself of this world, suddenly 11 years of remembrances pass for my head, since the day that MYSELF brought you home to yesterday to the night, myself agreement when I carried you al field and you sent you of head to a represa and almost I dwell because you hated the water and I thought that you drowned, but left chocho shaking you For all sides. Me agreement when we left to run and They were crossed of path because you were a Dogo "bad". Me agreement each time that you wanted to play with me and not you stopped of barking until left, and of as yourself put When arrived of the field!! Not you hid your happiness, it Yours not tenia average ink!! As many as moments juntos...
  Always you were happy of seeing me, always faithful, never you got mad, to weigh that I if I did it, to weigh that you reté and I hit you never you get mad with me, is not, neither it is going to be easy to leave al patio and not to see you, but you remain you Tranquil pichón you are and are going to be always in my heart.

I want you a pile Nihuil.


Gaby shares with us these poetry to its cats "Digry", "Marilyn", "Michelle" and "Sympathy".

These poems I I did it for my Four cats, I expect that they please them.

"The great one mister" (to Digry)

Orejitas you alert
mysterious look
rapidity as for food treats
Mister of few words you are you.
Your intrigues and you suspect they are constant;
You mister that every curiosea
you mister that alerts al smaller noise is
you little people unique in its species

that awakes to the morning with a subtle one miau
you, that believes to be the center of the world
you that guards to as much as mascota I touch
you, that keeps in its interior a little wickedness
you that utilizes me for its convenience
you, that is used to killing me with the indifference
you, that has absolutely under its power
you, if you are the soul that I worship,

and that not it would know that to do without its presence;
al that pleases me to feed and mimar, al that pleases me to speak him,

and to count him to the last one secret,
If you, mister minino is what I more want.

< "Digry"

"Number one" (to Michelle)

In my mind you are
not you think that I forgot you
Always you will be the first one.
Itself that you are angry
but prompt you will understand
That sos what more I want.
Since the day in which yourself arrived
to today your presence cheered us to all
always you are there;
sos a personita capricious, egotistical and false
but simply we love you
And we know that vos also.
Not I wanted farewells, alone a chau Michelle
always you will be mine, I expect that do not forget me
I want you enserio, therefore always you will be in me.

this letter I did it for Michelle, because since the day that I went myself of house to do my own life, no longer is the same with me, and I expect that when read it ésto know me To understand.

< "Michelle"

"I I have the power" (to Marilyn)

Not they question me for being as I am,
you they accepted me thus
It fascinates me the ronroneo, to leave saliva is a pleasure;
It pleases me to confront, prococarles wrath is my goal.
Always in the top I want to be, to thus observe.
I am the one that sends, of that already they will have been given account (Ha).
Not they provoke me, therefore I my revenge will plan.
It pleases me to be the center, to know that am the unique one.
Not they fear me, simply I am thus,
some day I expect that some of you know me To understand.
Thus I am I, Marilyn, a minino very special, that in the fund
Wants them (and itself that you also to me).

< "Marilyn"

" The not to be missed one " (to Sympathy, one of my gatitas, to the one that lacks it a patita)

Simple inclinations,
ojitos fearful,
to walk tambalente has she
of brave character
with its sympathy gained us to all
not it impota the one that will say
she its road will follow
neither very quick, neither very slow she will pass
he knows who he wants it, a great deal of affection will offer you
with a smooth one miau your ears will sweeten,
A pleasure is to be your support.
Young lady Sympathy we want you for your strength, we want you By being vos.

< "Sympathy"



You note sent by María Laura.

Letters to N ic ky :

 To times I ask myself howwill be   your heaven, if you will find a ball to run, someone to play it hidden, ó a patito...   as that that it provoked in vos loves and hatreds to the Hour of eating.

  To times I ask myself how will you jump, if there is someone there to whom to receive each afternoon... and if that someone carries you to its bed at night so that you accompany it and you Acurruques in its feet.

  I ask myself, what will you do when rains, because perhaps the Thunders sound very strong there up. And   wanted   to be able To tell you that not you frighten you, that I am with vos.

  It would please me to know if there are plazas or parks where you smell to the last tree and you leave your seal as saying here I am I.

  Because you were thus a small so gigantic giant... that you filled my life of love, of example, of tenderness, of innocence and of friendship... that that MYSELF dare to say, is Difficult to find in the humans.

  I know that I am egotist but not it encounter answer to your parted... were fourteen years... ,    you do me a great deal of lack, I need you, I seek you and not you encounter, I listen you, but not I see... you and I ask to God ¿why?...

  Today reduces me to tell you thanks. Thanks by to to have given tantas happinesses, to your children in the which myself create to find you caru and Pety, and above all because before flying to your heaven you accompanied me in the more important moment of my life... the wait and arrival of my first son, Nicolás.

  Nicky, since your heaven I ask you that you follow with me, that guide me and you help to bear the reality of not being able to have you here... and to be able to achieve that many humans understand, so only, a instant, the magnitude and meaning of the nobility of a animal. I want you and strange always...

   María Laura  

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