Chicken of Guinea

The chicken of guinea or chicken "Painted and originaria of Africa and Arabia.

They are almost running fowls to a  that a little can fly, it has a social behavior based on the jerarauia of Picoteo, similar to that of the chicken domesticates. And xisten approximately twenty species of painted, among them that but it interests in the numiultura is it painted common or chicken of guinea of this species three races exist or varieties: 

Pearl: Is the race but  seemed to the wild race. of a color greyish with speckled white. is the espeie but popular, Its feathers are utilized like decoration.

Lavnder: Is but clear that the pearl, of color or gray clear with speckled white.

Whaite: Is of plumage attractive and clear skin.

For its reproduction is raised in heap or in batterys maintaining a relacion of 1 male by each 6 females or Including of 1 male by each 8 females. The differential characteristics of male and female not they present a dimorphism sexual the unica differentiates is that the male one precenta a helmet And poin of de chin but long that the female. The incubation has a period from 26 to 28 you gave.

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