The mutation Satinity affects to the Eumelanina black and Feomelanina, which they are inhibited for Complete. They present therefore red eyes (throwing to marrón although it is difficult to distinguish them of the tones rubí of the FAEOS) and so much the peak, legs, nails and meat color fingers. Is mutación only has effect in exemplary Brunos, Isabelas and Ágatas, although the copies originating from the Bruno and of the Isabela alone they are differentiated in the quantity of Eumelanina marrón concentrated in the center of the feather (and The variation is light). In canarios with structure melánica Bruno or Isabela, the melanina marrón is centered in the feather showing the lipocromo in great part of its fenotipo of a Clear way by the absence of Feomelanina that it manche. In the canarios Ágata we are as in the case of the factor Rubino, in canarios whose dilution melánica is almost total due to the absence in its structure melánica base of Eumelanina marrón, what gives them a fenotipo of aspect Lipocrómico with a subplumaje of clear gray tone.

Satinado Bruno Silver


Satinado Isabela Silver Ivory


Satinity Agata Silver Recesivo


Satinity Agata Yellow Snowed


Satinity Bruno Yellow Snowed


Satinity Isabela Yellow Ivory Snowed


Satinity Agata Yellow Ivory Snowed


Satinity Isabela Red Mosaic


Satinity Isabela Ivory Rose Snowed




Extracted of  Canarians in the Network. Thanks

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