It is one of the mutations more appreciated in the canarians of color and affects to the structure melánica inhibiting the Eumelanina black and marrón and respects the Feomelanina. It presents certain dimorfismo sexual due to that the females have in their structure melánica but cantida of Feomelanina but less defined (blurrier). The fact of that these canarios not they present Eumelanina implies that so much the legs as nails, peak and fingers appear in color meat and the eyes appear of red color (rubí) of the one that originates Its name. Have passed to be you known by the name of FAEOS By the constitution of its structure melánica. Al inibirse the Eumelanina upon the fenotipo, in the zone that would correspond its apparition remains a clean space that presents the color Of the lipocromo forming ocelos open toward the head. Upon the canarios Black-Brunos the Feomelanina tends to be situated in the center of the feather leaving the edges of this Of the color of the lipocrómo. The eyes are a few darker Presenting a tonalidad granate. The subplumaje is of color Gray dark. In the canarios Bruno the mutación acquires its greater beauty since is in this structure where is presented More quantity of Feomelanina and does not possess Eumelanina black. Here the Feomelanina is situated in the edge of the feather forming ocelos open toward the head giving him an aspect al cloak of the canario as if was composed by Escamas. The Feomelanina besides tends to be melted with the lipocromo leaving some tonalidades melánicas you mix with the Lipocromo of fund. Here the subplumaje is of color marrón Clear and the eyes are of a red tone rubí. The Ágata and Isabelas they are seen affected by this mutación in their structures that in and of itself have little Feomelanina in a almost total reduction of said structure presenting a Fenotipo casí lipocrómico with red eyes. They present a subplumaje gray clear in the case of the Ágata and marrón Clear in the case of the Isabela.
Rubyn Bruno Silver


Rubyn Bruno Yellow Snowed


Rubyn Bruno Red Intense


Rubyn Bruno Rose Snowed


Rubyn Isabela Silver


Rubyn Isabela Yellow Ivory Snowed


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