It can be presented in any of the Structures melánicas previously commented. Thus can find it upon canarians Black-Bruno, Ágatas, Brunos and Isabelas. Upon all they the mutación contributes a reduction of the Eumelanina black and of the Feomalanina, Spreading the Eumelanina brown. Upon the canario Black-Bruno presents a fenotipo smooth in which refers To structure melánica. Besides it leaves to see more quantity of lipocromo but with a light one marks melánica as if Was dirty. In this type of canarios is presented besides a factor called Gray Wing that exercises a dilution special upon the wings and the queue what does that be left of to appreciate the structure melánica rayada upon said zones, showing some ocelos gray perlado upon these zones, as It can be appreciated in the photograph. Upon the canarios Ágata, al not to arrange of Feomalanina dispersed and a concentration of the Eumelanina black in the center of the feather, they present ONE MORE lipocromo nítido and marked. The canarios Bruno I have Isabela they offer a curious contrast with the previous, already that they arrange of so little Eumelanina black that with this factor disappears totally and shows exclusively the esparcimiento of the Eumelanina marrón remaining the structure melánica smooth, without lines upon the cloak, and mixed with the lipocromo as if fuesen one alone being the Of the bruno darker than that of the isabela. It be observed in the Photos these copies upon yellow and white funds.
Pastel Bruno Recesivo


Pastel Isabela Recesivo


Pastel Agata Yellow Snowed


Pastel Agata Intense Ivory Rose


Pastel Agata Yellow Ivory Snowed


Pastel Yellow Bruno Snowed


Pastel Isabela Yellow Intense




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