Is another mutation as the pastel that It affects to the four classical types of structures melánicas. The mutation Opaline implies a modification of the structure of the feather that transforms the Eumelanina black in gránulos of melanina gray azure and that is distributed for the feather of Instead of being concentrated in the center of her. This it implies that they disappear them you line and that the canario in itself presents a fenotipo blurry, not uniform, but of a beautiful one Tonalidad azure. The Eumelanina marrón disappears for Complete as well as the Feomelanina. Upon the canarios of the series Black-Bruno they present some fenotipos with strong load melánica and an uneven distribution of the Eumelanina Black. It is eliminated of the all the presence of you mark marrones presenting a fenotipo azure not uniform as is able To appreciate in the photographs. The canarios Opal Ágata (also calls Ardesia in their varieda silver) suffer this mutación of similar way to the Black-Bruno with the salvedad that a greater concentration exists of melanina in the center of the feather showing ONE MORE fenotipo clear since they leave to see more quantity of lipocromo clean and the melaninas they mark the lines of one more way nitido than in the Black-Bruno but they are equal of vistosos and they continue Offering those so gaudy azure tones. Affecting to canarios Brunos and Isabelas, they offer an almost total dilution of the melanina showing slightly (although of one more way marked in the Brunos) you mark of Eumelanina marrón that the They differentiate slightly of the lipocrómicos pure. No longer they present azure tones as the previous al to lack Eumelanina black in the structure melánica base.
Opaline Gray Recesivo


Opaline Agata Silver Recesivo


Opaline Bruno Silver


Opaline Isabela Silver


Opaline Green Snowed


Opaline Agata Yellow Snowed


Opaline Agata Ivory Rose Snowed




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