They are those that not they possess structure melánica defined and therefore they show in their fenotipo the color base or Lipocromo in all their extension. The lipocromos base upon that they can find the the Yellow colors are centered, Red and White each one of them it will be able to be affected by mutant as the Ivory that affects to the structure of the feather diluting the color of fund giving one more appearance smooth and that it generates the tonalidades of Yellow Ivory and Ivory Rose (this last one al to affect al lipocromo red). also they can find us the factor Mosaic that it implies a not uniform distribution of the lipocromo upon the fenotipo and that is a factor dimórfico joined al sex, is to say, presents different fenotipos in the male one and in the Female. This factor originates the lipocromos Yellow Mosaic And Red Mosaic. The fenotipo red originates of the crossing with the Cardenalito of Venezuela and is necessary to utilize pigmentos so that they acquire those tonalidades.the canario of color Naranja no longer appears in the standard one al to be considered that They are canarios red with a pigmentación faulty. All these lipocromos they can appear besides with a dilution of the melanina remaining (that of the eye) presenting them of Red color. In these cases is called them Albino (if the lipocromo is white), Lutino (if the lipocromo is yellow) and Rubino (if the lipocromo is red). These canarios they originate Of factors as the rubino and the satinado.
White recesivo


Ivory Yellow Snowed


Ivory Yellow Intense


Red Intense



Red Snowed (Apricot)


Male Red Mosaic


Female Red Mosaic


Ivory Intense rose


Ivory Rose Snowed


Extracted of  Canarians in the Network. Thanks

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